The Shackled City

The Grudge

Demons Are Not Forgiving

1 Goodmonth, 592 CY (Continued)

A couple of hours after they’d dealt with the slaadi, Deg’s tracking magic wore off and the party found themselves within sight of a massive fortress with a gate like a giant frog’s mouth squatting in the low mountains. The structure lay to the left of their intended path, and so they noted its location (Greyjek committed it to memory instantly), and the halfling reactivated his ability. They traveled another hour before the demons set upon them.

A nalfeshnee leading a small horde of hezrou and vrocks threatened them from atop a large rocky spur. He really shouldn’t have, because it just annoyed the adventurers. A few heartbeats later, the greater demons were slain and the vrocks fled the scene as swiftly as their wings could carry them. This minor annoyance dealt with, the adventurers continued on to Harrowfell.

Byakala accepted the chrome sphere and message from the ultroloth with only minor interest, but she seemed keener to find out the party’s true purpose on Orthrys. They eventually told her they were seeking Skullrot, but she was hesitant to believe that they were going there to stop Adimarchus. Eventually, they convinced her of their sincerity, and she gladly provided them with a map to the prison. She had formerly served the imprisoned demon lord as one of his principal generals before he’d banished her to Carceri a few years before his disappearance. She hadn’t realized that Adimarchus was being kept in Skullrot, but she knew a little of the wardens of the place. She wished them well, sincere in the hope that they would soon deliver her vengeance upon the mad demon prince. Before they made the trip (some 1,700 miles) Bransen erected another magical mansion and the adventurers retired for another long rest.

2 Goodmonth, 592 CY

Using the demon’s map and directions, Greyjek teleported the group across the bleak expanse of carceri and deposited them outside the front gates of Skullrot. The massive stone tower stood over two hundred feet tall, and had a herd of the hulking thunderbeasts they’d first encountered on Occipitus, including one the size of an ancient dragon. While the beasts were easily circumvented with flight magic, they took no pains to conceal their approach and the behemoths bellowed loudly in outrage at the intrusion upon their territory. Still, the creatures would not approach the stone tower.

Alighting on a balcony that held the only apparent entrance, Deg set to work searching for traps and circumventing the magical lock. It was a minor effort for the skilled halfling, and once he was finished, he stepped back and took up a position against the wall to the door’s left. Atop Fer Lomarcan, Jarvyk shoved the door open, revealing to Greyjek’s true seeing enhanced senses a handful of invisible demodands. The local fiends unleashed their strength draining rays en masse, revealing that there were no fewer than ten of their number in the entry chamber. With the warriors’ strength sapped, the fight was more of a massive spell duel. Again, it was over in moments, and the demodands all lay dead on the floor.

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