The Shackled City


We Need Some Help

18 Reaping, 592 CY (Continued)

Deciding to press on, they adventurers entered a chamber northeast from the Serpentine hall and discovered what must have been the room belonging to the fallen Alurad Sorizan. The former cleric of Erythnul had set up a makeshift shrine with a number of grizzly trophies – a number of humanoid hearts in canopic jars – collected atop a stone bier. A large chest rested nearby, but the key they’d found on his body fit, and soon they were rifling through the contents.

Afterwards, they passed back by a statue of some yuan-ti priest and headed to the southeast into another heavily pillared chamber. They were attacked by a pair of half-orc half-iron golems standing in illusory pillars when Jarvyk moved to investigate a small chamber to the east. The party retreated back to the wider area and the constructs gave chase, to their ultimate doom. The larger space allowed Fer Lomarcan and Bransen’s summoned elder eidelon to enter the fray and between the two, they easily put an end to the unfortunate pair.

Stopping for a moment to consider the haphazard approach they’d been taking to searching the complex, the Silver Phoenixes decided that they missed the talents that a man like Karamus brought to the table. As such, they decided to return to Cauldron to see if they could find such a man and talk him into accompanying them to finish off the last of the Cagewrights. Fortunately for them, such a man had just returned to town from a year-long sabbatical trapped underground.

Dagonet (“Deg” as he introduced himself) was a halfling in the business of acquisitions. He listened as the adventurers told him all about their exploits in Cauldron over the last year or so. They explained their plans for ending the Cagewright threat and their need for a man of his talents. He agreed to join them for a cut of the treasure, which they assured him was ample. They decided to set out once more in the morning.

19 Reaping, 592 CY

Within five minutes of entering the underground complex at Shatterhorn, Deg had already found two secret doors in the entry chamber alone. The first held a hidden vault with a number of unique, interesting, and valuable treasures, which the Phoenixes gladly helped themselves to. The other was a section of wall that he said would actually need to be smashed through. Jarvyk obliged and the adventurers stared into the winding, narrow hallway that lay just beyond it.

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