A tall thin man with an air of dignity behind cold tormented eyes.


Alexander Surabar: male human Human Paragon 3/Warlock 3/Ruathar 1; HD 3D8+4d6+14; hp 62; Init +3; Spd 40’; AC 19 (+2 Dex, +6 armor, +1 natural, +1 deflection, -1 flaw), touch 13, flat-footed 16; BAB/Grap: +4/+2; Attack +8 ranged touch (3d6, Eldritch Blast), or +1 melee (1d4-1/19-20×2, dagger); SA – Eldritch blast, eldritch spear, invocations; SQ – Darkvision (SA), human traits, see invisibility (SA); Saves: Fort +7, Ref +8, Will +10; Str 9, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 18; Languages: Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Elven, Undercommon.



Traits: Quick, Scion of Surabar

Flaws: Noncombatant, Vulnerable

Invocations: Eldritch Spear (least), See the Unseen (least), Entropic Warding (least), Fell Flight (lesser)


Heward’s Handy Haversack

  • Rope, Silk (50 ft.) {x2}
  • Everburning Torch
  • Sack {x5}
  • Torch {x4}
  • Bedroll
  • Winter Blanket
  • Shovel {x2}
  • Watersking {x6}
  • Scroll Case {x2}
    • Paper {x20}
    • Empty
  • Soap, bar {x2}
  • Flint/Steel
  • Flask
  • Small Steel Mirror
  • Cold Weather Outfit
  • Set of Clothes {x4}

Pouch (Belt)

  • Chalk {x10}
  • Pen {x2}
  • Ink, Black
  • Ink, Blue
  • Ink, Red
  • Signet Ring
  • Signal Whistle

Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic

Amulet of Natural Armor (+1)

Cloak of Resistance (+2)

Custom Flaggon

Light Warhorse (Andy)

  • Military Saddle
  • Saddle Bag

==================Bounty Notice=======================

======Writ of Bounty concerning the outlaw “Ander” (CE 510)========

Terms of Bounty

  • Bounty – (50 GP)
  • Terms – (Capture and return)
  • Threat Assessment -(Pair of hunters / Good chances)


  • Name—(“Ander”) (Suspected to be an alias)
  • Race—(Human)
  • Gender—(Male)
  • Birthdate—( / / CE 56?)
  • Hometown—(Unknown)


  • Frame—(Biped, Weak but agile)
  • Personality—(Arrogant, hot tempered, abrasive, quick witted)
  • Limbs—(Four)
  • Height—(6’4”)
  • Weight—(175 lbs.)
  • Skin—(Pale)
  • Hair—(Blonde)
  • Eyes—(Blue)


  • Associates—(Kip the Swift {thief of no notable deeds}, Thenious Tillweed {halfling filch / fence}, Dargon {dwarven thug, hot-headed, resilient, questionable sanity})
  • AKAs—(Ghost Child {derogatory term used for those who claim royal lineage but are suspected to be liars})
  • Companions (Unknown)
  • Friends—(Unknown)
  • Groups—(Unknown)
  • Parents—(Unknown)
  • Allegiances—(Unknown)


  • Weapons—(Unearthly magics)
  • Defenses—(Mobility)
  • Tricks—(creation of unnatural darkness)
  • Reaction—(Flight {has shown extreme willingness to evade physical confrontations})


  • CE 582: Attacked caravan heading to the Lucky Monkey
  • CE 584: Observed in the company of Thenious Tillweed just prior to major jewelry theft
  • CE 584: Evaded capture by highway patrol using magical darkness
  • CE 585: Subject of 5 GP bounty
  • CE 585: Killed Thain the Trickster, bounty hunter
  • CE 585: Subject of 15 GP bounty
  • CE 587: Killed Serath Embermage, bounty hunter
  • CE 587: Subject of 25 GP bounty
  • CE 587: Known to be involved in razing of royal homes
  • CE 587: Suspected to be responsible for assassination of Aleric Emon III
  • CE 587: Subject of 40 GP bounty
  • CE 587: Killed Albert Heideron, bounty hunter
  • CE 587: Subject of 50GP bounty
  • CE 588: Captured following highway robbery attempt (fled during transport)

====================End Bounty Note======================

{Bounty Note found upon the corpse of another slain hunter}

=====================Start Journal=======================

=>CE 588<================================================>CE 589<===================================>CE 591<===============>CE 592<=

It has been a little over a year since Cirudan and I left the Elven nation. It took a little while to re-acclimate with the outside, but we both came around eventually.

I was even able to clear my name, a feat I had previously dismissed as fantasy. Upon return to Cauldron I was quickly encouraged, by Cirudan, to make peace with the local officials. It took some doing, and more than a little bargaining, but there are no longer any bounty hunters searching for my head.

In fact, I am now the bounty hunter. As part of my deal with local officials I have agreed to work within the law. Cirudan and I have even served a few bounties for the homeland (read: Elven nation).

There have, of course, been problems along the way, like the time we were set upon by a lower demon and had to blast our way out of a local tavern. The magistrate was bent on our arrest that day, but it all worked out in the end. We captured a couple of outlaws, paid for a few repairs, and the incident was soon forgiven.

It now looks as though we may get a chance to delve into the infamous Underdark. I have heard rumor that a well known local Dwarf has sent a group called the Silver Phoenix into that accursed place in search of someone. Cirudan thinks we may even be able to get invited to that mission, by virtue of a favor owed to the Elven nation. I await news of that possibility even now. He assures me we will know, one way or the other, very soon.


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