Reaper of Souls, Warlord of Pinefalls


Ryla Soul Reaper, Warlord of Pinefalls
Female Azurin Incarnate 11
LN Medium Humanoid
Init +3; Senses Listen +4, Spot +4
Languages Common, Infernal

AC 29, touch 13, flat-footed 28
(+1 Dex, +12 armor, +2 shield, +2 natural armor, +2 deflection)
HP 110 (11 HD)
Essentia 15, Melds 6, Binds 3
Fort +12, Ref +4, Will +11
Action Points 10 (2d6)

Speed 20 ft. (5 squares)
Melee +10 Incarnate Longsword 1d8+7
Base Atk +5; Grap +10
Atk Options Mantle of Flame, Lightning Gauntlets
Special Actions (Share) Incarnum Radiance 2/day (+3 melee attack, 8 rounds), Meldshaping (see below), Rapid Meldshaping (see below) 2/day
Combat Gear
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 11th):
At will: detect chaos

Abilities Str 21, Dex 13, Con 20, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 14
SQ Meldshaping (swift action, rearrange essentia points), Rapid Meldshaping (full-round action, unshape existing soulmeld to replace with another)
Feats Bonus Essentia, Double Chakra (Arms), Expanded Soulmeld Capacity, Midnight Dodge, Split Chakra (Hands)
Skills Concentration +19, Knowledge (arcana) +15, Knowledge (religion) +15, Knowledge (planes) +15
Possessions combat gear plus +4 full plate, animated heavy shield, amulet of natural armor +2, ring of protection +2, belt of giant Strength +4, Ioun stone of Wisdom +2

Bluesteel Bracers (Arms)
Base Effect: +2 insight bonus to Initiative
Essentia Effect (cap 3): +1 insight bonus to damage with melee weapon per essentia invested

Incarnate Weapon (Arms)
Base Effect: Long sword, Law aligned
Essentia Effect (cap 4): +1 enhancement bonus to attack & damage per essentia invested
Chakra Bind: move action to charge weapon, next melee attack may stun chaotic creatures (Fort DC 13+1 per essentia invested)

Mantle of Fire (Shoulders)
Base Effect: 1d6 fire damage on successful melee attack by enemy
Bind Effect: As a standard action, all adjacent enemies take fire damage, (DC 14+1 per essentia invested)
Essentia Effect (cap 3): +1d6 fire damage per essentia invested

Cerulean Sandals (Feet)
Base Effect: Water walking (as per the spell)
Bind Effect: Dimension door (as the spell, standard action) up to 110 ft per day
Essentia Effect (cap 3): +5 ft enhancement bonus to base speed per essentia invested

Lightning Gauntlets (Hands)
Base Effect: 1d6 electrical damage with melee touch attack
Bind Effect: Electrical damage applied to one melee weapon attack per round.
Essentia Effect (cap 3): +1d6 electrical damage per essentia invested

Incarnate Avatar (Soul)
Base Effect: Marut Appearance (no other bonus without essentia investment)
Essence Effect (cap 3): +1 insight bonus to attack per essentia invested

XP: 65,603


Ryla was born into a poor family in a scum district of Monmurg. Raised in poverty, Ryla learned quickly the law of the street. The young human’s parents tried to instill a sense of good over evil, law over chaos to help balance her developing mind against the street. At the age of 5, the War of the Red Lords swept through the region like a hurricane. Many families were displaced during the fighting, one of those was Ryla who was separated from her parents during an attack on the scum district with magic.

The resulting magical bombardment left Ryla changed, somehow touched by the magic meant to kill her instead gifted her the ability to touch a soul. Left alone, Ryla was rounded up with several other children who were also separated by the invading Red Lord Ducminsol who had them sent off to a concentration camp called Ironrock. Among the others rounded up, Ryla found several others that had been affected by the magical attack which she bonded to quickly.

The group of gifted quickly stuck together after arriving at Ironrock, secretly calling themselves the Soul Reapers. Together, the band protected one another from hard as best as they could from the Red Lord’s soldiers. As Ryla grew up, she became fast friends with a boy about her same age named Asuni. The two became fast friends and together, they focused on learning their new found abilities since they were too young to handle the physical demands of protecting the group.

At the age of 15, Ryla and Asuni finally had begun to understand and become adept at handling the souls that they could hear and touch. Though they couldn’t speak with the souls, they learned to harness the power of a soul to create items and manifest powers. With their knowledge, they began to teach the others that had been affected by the Empowerment Event. Within two years, the Soul Reapers quickly grew into their name sake and with their growing power came a growing desire to leave Ironrock.

The Soul Reapers finally took action at the end of summer when the old guard was rotated out and fresh guards were stationed. Unknowing of the Soul Reapers capabilities, the soldiers were quickly outmatched by a sudden revolt of young adults wielding the power of souls. The Revolt of Ironrock lasted four days in which the soldiers were driven out from the camp. Victorious, the Soul Reapers claimed the camp as their own and renamed it Pinefall. Refugees from the War of Red Lords soon began to filter through the fledgling town which caused an explosion in population. Leadership of the town was needed, and when the Soul Reapers looked to Asuni to lead them, he declined and left Pinefall, stating his destiny lay elsewhere. Saddened but shoulders held high, Ryla became the leader of Pinefall at the age of 18.

Over the course of 3 years, the town of Pinefall saw great leaps in size and people willing to help the town grow. The town quickly formed a militia under Ryla’s guidance for she knew that Lord Ducminsol would eventually come back for his land and his prisoners. During the third year, the army of Lord Ducminsol marched on Pinefall and was met by the Pinefall militia. The first battle between the two took place at Iron Peak, a mountain pass that allowed a southern entry to the town. The battle spanned three days, during which the militia used the height of the peak to their advantage to cause several casualties among the Lord’s army. Knowing he would lose more men than necessary, the army withdrew from the pass and began the long march around to the north.

Several months later, the army finally arrived at Pinefall. Though they knew the battle was coming, the militia was outnumbered and outmatched, and after two days of combat they were defeated. Ryla and several of the militia leadership were taken prisoner by the Red Lord and taken to Ridgehurst, the major camp for the Lord. For 5 years Ryla remained a prisoner, enduring torture and worse at the hands of the lord. During her captivity, Ryla focused inward and further deepened her connection with the souls around her until finally, she was able to call upon their vast power and break free from her shackles. Knowing she would not last long, she stole some armor, food and a horse and rode away from the camp.

For two years Ryla traveled the region looking for help and slowly, over time she began to build up an army of her own through force of her personality and desire to rid the land of the Red Lord once and for all. Once she had built up a sizable force, she began to attack the outer outposts of the main army of the Lord, using hit and run tactics. One by one the outposts fell and soldiers ran screaming that death itself was coming for them and used the souls of the dead to fight. For a full year Ryla and her army terrorized the Red Lord’s army until finally the Lord fielded his army and called out Ryla.

With her determination to rid the Lord from the land firmly on her mind, Ryla fielded her army against the Lord and found that they were nearly matched in size and power. The year of combat had done Ryla’s army well, and they welcomed the chance to end the campaign once and for all. The two sides met on the Fields of Shamrill’s Crossing and the battle lasted a full day and night. At dawn, the armies were tired and casualties were high. At the center of the battlefield the Red Lord and Ryla faced off in combat. Though a better trained warrior, the Red Lord found it difficult to counter the magical power of souls that came to Ryla’s aid. The climax of the fight found the pair at the center of the bridge over the river Shamrill. The fight took its toll on both though the years of hardship gave Ryla the edge in endurance. She pushed past the Lord’s defenses and stabbed him through, stapling him to the floor of the bridge. As his blood poured into the river, he removed his helmet to reveal only one eye, the other covered in smoke, “Beware the Smoking Eye,” he muttered as he fell dead.

Ryla knew that she could not stay at Pinefall much longer. With the threat of avengers for the fallen lord looming and the mysterious Smoking Eye, Ryla knew that she had to leave her hard fought home to look for answers. Leaving the town in capable hands, she traveled southward where inquiries finally brought her to Cauldron seeking the Company of the Silver Phoenix who had been known to mention the Smoking Eye in the past several months.


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