Greyjek Entry 1

It’s time to begin class, students. Let us first observe Woosah Greyjek’s memories from the beginning of his journey with the Silver Phoenix Adventuring Company. This is the appetizer of adventuring students, and will soon lead to the savory main course:

“Greyjek is browsing the markets the day of 20 Planting according to a sign posted on nearby moneychanger shop. While he is rummaging through the stone and crystal shop thoughts on rails float through his absent mind; hopes of finding something the vendor had gathered from the Amedio Jungle with the price giving away that he did not actually know the worth of the object; pondering the intricacies of psionic construct creation (alas, still not ready to start creating his own permanent constructs, but working on learning the art).

Greyjek is side-tracked from his train of thought by a conversation in the in the stall nearby that had been going on for a bit of time before catching his attention. In this case a fellow is in search of his old friend who was investigating the disappearance of creatures in the area of Pearlglen. This disappearance appears related to the same source as the reason for Greyjek’s presence! It seems perhaps this fellow’s friend may be involved with, captured, or killed by the creature (or creatures), which Greyjek thinks is the cause of the disappearances.

Greyjek unobsequiously but politely involves himself in the conversation. The fellow introduces himself as Kan’ti and concludes his conversation with the merchant. In the midst of the introductions and questions of disappearances Kant’i overhears another nearby conversation between two or three gents nearby, apparently discussing searching and clues. Kan’ti charmingly involves them in the conversation of his lost friend. Karamus of Sigil, as he introduces himself, seems rather perturbed at being overheard but agrees to discuss matters further over breakfast after the suggestion of commerce lets fly from Kan’ti’s mouth. Over breakfast The Silver Phoenix Adventuring Company was briefly discussed and Karamus agreed to bring the matter up with the company and introduce Greyjek and Kan’ti the next afternoon.”

To be continued after a short break…


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Greyjek Entry 1

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