Greyjek Entry 10

Greetings brothers chose to stay and those who made it back from their trip to the Negative Plane. As your senior classmate, I would like to pass along the news that the teachers are away for the next week and assigned a few custodial members here to maintain the retreat.

En route to Karran-Kural, Greyjek reconsiders his thoughts as to what he wants to be able to do with his power. He intends to bolster his defenses to psionics and perhaps aid those within his sphere of influence. Also, Greyjek decides it would be fascinating to be able to crush another’s will absolutely without actually destroying them. These things he ponders for the many days of the trip. Arriving at the entrance to Karran-Kural, Greyjek notes the easiest way to enter and rapidly commences his plan into action. Adapting his body to the environment, he swims down through the tunnel naked, having stripped his gear and left it at the entrance. Unfortunately, when he arrived back and explained the situation, his idea for transporting the entire party wasn’t communicated in a way the others could easily understand and so he amusedly stood by until Bransen figured out a way the rest could understand and were more comfortable with.

The frigidness of the tunnels reminded Greyjek of his power to overcome this problem also. Continuing through the ruined portcullis and a pair of frosty iron doors, the ground produced circular ice covered openings which had what looked like spellweavers encased in them. Bransen nonchalantly took the lead and ignored the oddity. One of the creatures moved its jaw into a scream, but no sound arose. Greyjek considers this perhaps an alarm signal, whether it was still effective or not is questionable. This encouraged Greyjek to manifest his power of true sight in case something unseen was amiss. Through the double doors beyond was a trio of devils. One of the devils was visible due to his enhanced sight. This one noticed Greyjek and rapidly advanced to attack him. Greyjek was interested in testing his ability to wipe the mind of this devil, and amused himself until it was reduced to ineffectiveness and turned to the major threat, the ice devil. Waiting for Cyrus to make a hole, Greyjek dismissed the devil to its native plane. Camping for the night was pleasant enough with his power comforting him.

The next day brought more exploring and an interesting ice lattice on a wall that Greyjek could not puzzle out in any psionic related manner. This prompted him to ask Ashton about it later. After a few more rooms with creatures trapped in ice, Greyjek was interested to discover the presence of an iron golem which was quite animated. Unfortunately it resisted his disintegration power. It was rather vulnerable electricity and to the dwarfs sword though, who proceeded handily beat the golem down while Greyjek considered how to help.

There was a hole in the floor which caught Greyjek’s eye as it bore the evidence of having been disintegrated. The group discussed what to do next and how to go about it.



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Greyjek Entry 10

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