Greyjek Entry 11

”Gather round students, these days are tense as you know. We have moved the school due to foreseen circumstances and congratulate you on your diligent attention to detail in modeling the classroom as it is supposed to be. Let us commence the lesson.”

Turning back to the question of the ice lattice on the wall, Greyjek asks Ashton to take a bit of an investigatory probe at it with his magic. Using his wand, Ashton notes the lattice does not respond to magic. Unimpressed, the importance of pushing forward tugs them back to the exploration of the rest of the area which means going down the disintegrated hole.

Moving through doors and hallways, one of the rooms contained a large bloated creature amongst the icy lattice. This was interesting to Greyjek and he wondered what powers it possessed. Ashton burns the lattice away and the group finds out what kind of power as the creature unleashes an acidic fog. Wanting nothing to do with this creature, Greyjek hopes that it is from another plane as he manifests the desire to dismiss it. Fortunately, it wasn’t from this plane.

The group decides to keep on pushing as they might be getting close. With the appearance of inky black tentacles out of his reach, Greyjek considers his next course of action. Listening to the sounds of action and making some haphazard calculations, the Woosah decides the best course of action is to open a dimension door 60 feet to the northwest. Discovering a bone naga which has cast illusory images, he decides to enhance his sight with his power. Disintegrating the naga proved sufficient to end the threat. The naga’s spells faded and the presence of the soul pillar is discussed. The most important thing right now is to find the wizard supposed to be here before he finds the group. The decision to rest is unanimous and the next day they set off.

Down a hallway strewn with icy strands, a door looms. The warriors destroy the lattice and the group is neatly arranged to accept the flurry of lightning that blasts down the hall, nearly obliterating the group. Greyjek notes the folly of not preparing any defenses and grants himself more vigor to take any punishment he may receive shortly. He is thankful to Bransen who restores their health. Having had enough of the cheap shots, Greyjek steps through his manifested dimensional door and confronts the wizard directly. There are multiple images of the wizard and the quickest choice is for Greyjek to close his eyes and use his intuition to guide his disintegration ray. Unfortunately, the potent wizard resisted his power for the most part. Resisting the wizard’s mind affecting spell, the others defeat the wizard before Greyjek has a chance to finish him. Ashton finds some components and is able to discover what the discoloration in the center of the floor is for. Scrying is rather irrelevant to Greyjek, and so he moves his thoughts to other matters of importance, such as finally discovering how to manifest the powers to protect himself and others from mind-affecting powers and crushing enemies to incapacitate them instead of destroying them.



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Greyjek Entry 11

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