Greyjek Entry 12

Greetings class. Excellent essays on the Arefon cortigal. Having studied Arefon’s finest achievement in the metapsionics field, we shall observe how the Woosah realized the cortigal and put it into effect to help bypass the resistant will of the dragon lich, Vitriss Bale. Enjoy!

Greyjek considers the current situation while resting on his bedroll. There has been ample time for universal reflection on the Arefon cortigal and he realized what he had been doing wrong. Now he just needs a subject to experiment on… Upon preparing to explore the rest of the area, Greyjek prepares to maintain some long-lasting protective powers to avoid getting caught off guard. Arriving amid rather deep thought, the chambers of Fetor Abradius are a fortuitous find concerning the soul pillars and their use. After Bransen uses his power to read the documents, Greyjek takes the gist of what he describes and rapidly breaks the code to the script and deciphers the documents using skill and intellect. He files away the knowledge of the script and the soul pillars in his near photographic memory.

Slowly walking along behind the group his concentration is again disturbed by the commotion and puzzling over a locked door. With ease and a bit of humility, Greyjek obliges the others and disintegrates a doorway, revealing a ritualistic burial chamber with various creatures standing around the walls with glowing runes depicting what Bransen described as a partial history of Karran-Kural.

Moving along, Greyjek notes that they are about to the room with the five greater soul pillars and Vitriss Bale, so he prepares accordingly with the knowledge that green dragons produce acidic breath. The door was opened and the group waited, a few others preparing spells in the mean time. A few seconds later, the impatient Vitriss Bale landed on the ice bridge revealing its lich form. This seemed to perhaps complicate things as he could not try out his new power to crush a living mind without killing, but nonetheless the power to disintegrate was handy and likely more effective against an undead version of a green dragon. Easily resisting the cloud of acid breath the dragon lich, Greyjek arranges his will and focus to manifest a ray of disintegration powerful enough to bypass the likely resistance of a lich. The ray satisfactorily disintegrates a large portion of the lich’s ribcage and draws its ire to the Woosah.

Greyjek uses the distraction of the others’ combat with the lich to focus himself as he moves at improved speed courtesy of Ashton’s spell which affected him while he was focusing. As he arrives in the chamber, he observes the position of the group and the lich. The presence of the lich is powerful, but not enough to shake the will of one of the Woosah’s ability. Vitriss Bale sought revenge upon Greyjek and bites at him, doing irrelevant damage to his power augmented vigor. The other members of the group use their individual skills and powers to distract and weaken the dragon enough that the Woosah’s final disintegrate ray finishes off the dragon as his will only partially resists its power.

The Woosah briefly inspects the treasure for any psionically modified items in the horde with no luck. He turns to the group discussion on which questions to ask of the soul pillars and provides a few suggestions. After a few minutes of deliberation, Ashton and Bransen take the lead in asking the questions of the soul pillars. While they are at it, Greyjek decides to commune with a pillar and inquires as to the existence of Spellweavers. He receives the reply that there are none currently present on Oerth. This is sufficient for now, and he notes and memorizes the location for a future return trip.



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Greyjek Entry 12

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