Greyjek Entry 13

Good day class, a bit of history on Sigil today. A most fascinating occurrence at the end of the lesson, we shall witness a bit of distilled chaos.

Arriving at cauldron, The Woosah spends ten minutes telepathically locating and establishing a link with his fellow elder Jerval for a social catchup and notice on any elan in Sigil, which Jerval knows of none currently visiting from their enclave. Rejoining the group and observing the resurrection of Karamus, Greyjek considers the power for future research. The discussion of the keys and gateway to Sigil are completed and the group departs. The Woosah observed the portal and scanned it for psionic properties but this revealed nothing, which encouraged the ponderance of the Suekra-Thal weave alteration theory and further research into the power to observe the presence of “arcane” and “divine” powers. Moving through the portal was standard for planar travel. The location on the other side was rather unpleasant, but not out of the ordinary from the abbreviated descriptions he read of Sigil.

The woman who presents herself to the group unprovoked seemed interesting enough, the tail providing insight to her extraplanar nature. Kylie, as she calls herself, acts as the guide it seems. It was interesting that Ashton made a character judgment and informed her of his search for his father, but expedience is required. A meeting with Shemeshka was arranged and at the Dragon Bar, the scene was novel, with what appeared a full sized dragon head behind the bar with the body in another room, and a pit with fighting bears and humans being wagered on. Shemeshka, an arcanoloth fascinatingly enough, discussed Karamus’ request and arrived at a compromise with the exchange of his sister for one of his rapiers. Another deal was struck up that involved the party completing a task in exchange for a supposed great reward. Ashton received confirmation of his father’s location and the meeting was concluded. Kylie led the group through the complex avenues of Sigil to meet an elven agent of Shemeshka in order to arrange a time to exchange items and receive the rest of the reward.

Continuing onto the Gatehouse to confront Ashton’s father, the guards provide the standard bureaucratic paperwork and the meeting with Primus Maximus ensues. The necromancer seems mentally deranged and provides riddles relevant to the questions, but a bit complex for the others to grasp. A commotion in the hall brings attention to a party of thieves trapped in a courtyard. The group assists in defeating the ‘Chaosmen’ that stole from the Gatehouse vault. An eerie swirl of chaos energy envelops the party and bestows an unknown effect. After checking out his father, Ashton again inquires as to where Evane, his fiancée trapped in a stone, is located. Cyrus notes the stone’s probable magical property, this helps Greyjek solve the riddle, and he obliges and manifests his detection powers and focuses on the rock garden, then telekinetically places the stone that presumably has his fiancée in Ashton’s grasp. After some communion with the Phoenix Heart, Ashton verifies her presence. Returning his father to the care of the asylum, the group retrieves the reward and rests the night.

Preparing to return to Cauldron, Ashton retrieves his father and Karamus gathers his sister to him while opening the portal. Continuing onto Sasserine, Ashton deals with his father and estate, Jarvyk deals with his family blade and Cyrus, Karamus deals with his sister, and Greyjek organizes his recent experiences and notes an acquaintance, Kai Starseeker, from the enclave observing him. Receiving the warning of their fellow enclave member, Thearynn Louvell, is a Cagewright leader, Greyjek takes this into account for when they interact with the Cagewrights. That evening he meditates and joins the group in the morning for breakfast.



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Greyjek Entry 13

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