Greyjek Entry 16

”It is a half-day today. Observe what happens and learn.”

Studying the area where the zombie/demodands occupied, the Woosah notices niches filled statues of people who appear were once alive but had been transformed into stone. Greyjek notes this to the others to see if they desired to take it upon themselves to act on the knowledge. Bransen has the ability to restore them, however the rest decide to move along with the hunt for Orbius Vhalantru and return to the statues at a future time. The second shaft appeared to be very deep, beyond any of their perceptions. With a sun rod dropped into the shaft, Greyjek could see it was approximately two hundred feet. Judging levitation the simplest way down, Greyjek bestows levitation upon the group except for Bransen with his boots of levitation. About halfway down, there was an enchanted circular door in the style of a creature with nine eye stalks and a central eye. Each eye contained a gem. Written in undercommon was “OBLIVION.” Bransen takes it upon himself to use his power to detect magic on the door and inform Karamus that it is enchanted. Also, it was trapped Karamus noted. Karamus initiated work on the door while the Woosah raised the group up to a relatively safe distance. Solving the complex system of the door trap and locking mechanism, Greyjek lowers all to the level of the door so they may push themselves into the room. However, he was a bit slow in pulling himself along and the door closed before he could pass through, so he decided to use some of his dwindling power to manifest a dimension door into the room to about 30 feet inside the room.

More statues, this time various monsters, were located in a semicircle alcove in the room, these Greyjek also noted were stoned creatures. A painting of interest attracted the Woosah to the northeastern corner of the room. It depicted a cage of iron ribs and adamantine skulls enclosing a woman, who appeared to his enhanced sight a real woman mystically trapped in the painting. This he softly noted to the group, a bit perturbed at the haunting and dramatic imagery and the presence of the woman. They examined it and placed it in a bag of holding for later. Karamus got to work on the door in the center of the North wall and proceeded to disable the magical trap and open the lock. Opening the door revealed three humanoids manacled to the ground and in straitjackets, black lightning flashed up into the chamber and they disintegrated. Some words issued from the chamber about being a thorn in ones side for too long. Karamus quietly backed out and informed the others that Vhalantru was a beholder. He was hit by a ray and ran in fear to a corner of the entry chamber. Right afterwards, a green cloud filled the archway and billowed out, almost reaching Greyjek. Jarvyk’s bear, Fer, appeared and Ashton dispelled the fog, ran to the chamber, firing a lightning bolt and a green necrotic ray at Vhalantru. The ray was absorbed by an item on one of Vhalantru’s eyestalks which interested Greyjek. Pulling one of his Dorjes to conceal his true location and entering the chamber, the Woosah prepared to do what he could to defeat the beholder. Vhalantru absorbed a hit from Jarvyk and returned with a trio of eye attacks that neutralized the dwarf and levitated him into the air, while the beholder also moved up, dropping another toxic cloud into the room, catching the Woosah and upsetting his health. Greyjek levitates up above the foul cloud considering the powers he could have at hand had the group decided to rest like he suggested and let them know he was very limited and drained from the day’s activities. Urgency won out and they decided getting to Vhalantru as quickly as possible was more important than a weakened party member. The beholder opened his central eye, which sealed the decision to evacuate for Greyjek. All his powers and items were neutralized as he floated to the ground in complete blackness. After the beholder closed his central eye, it created a different stinking cloud so the Woosah levitated up and attempted his one power available to disable Vhalantru by dominating his mind. To his frustration, the beholder had some immunity to his mental attack. Considering the options and the scattered locations of the group, the wise choice seems retreat. He announces his depature to the group and suggests they do the same. He manifests his only available escape power and steps through a dimension door to the entry chamber, making his way to the Lucky Monkey to rest for the night, planning on communicating with Karamus the next day if he survived.



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