Greyjek Entry 17

Slowly, students filter in and the professor gathers his thoughts, observing the students. “Chaos is unrelenting, even as each student arrives at a different time. This lesson expresses an unrelenting exchange of battles and unexpected wins and losses. Also, being a prepared psion is critical to survival.”

Greyjek rouses from his meditation the next morning and proceeds to contact Karamus, who is rather indignant with the Woosah’s retreat and colorfully lets him know. After suffering Karamus’ retributive insults, Greyjek inquires about the group’s situation and location. Cutting off the correspondence, Greyjek teleports to Oblivion and discusses his decision to retreat and future behavior with the group. Given that the group fully takes into consideration when the Woosah is tapped and his powers have all been used and locked in for the day, their decisions should reflect that. Greyjek informs the rest after some consideration that given the same situation he would consider the party in his retreat plan. He attributes his poor judgment to his relative lack of group adventuring experience.

The papers in Vhalantru’s desk had already been browsed and a map of Oblivion discovered. The key to the door out of Vhalantru’s chamber requires a disintegrate but in order to reserve the Woosah’s power, Karamus enthusiastically takes on the challenge of disabling the trap and opening the lock. However, the trap is much more difficult and he is burned, battered, and bruised from his efforts and trap triggering. Bransen heals Karamus so he may keep at it and finally he succeeds. Getting through the second door was a little easier, and levitation was enacted to descend the shaft. As he entered the shaft behind the rest, Greyjek’s mind was assaulted, but he did not see anything in the shaft until an armored priest became visible as he touched Ashton with a green flash, instantly killing the magic-user and his corpse began to float to the bottom of the shaft. Bransen casts a spell on a stone and hands it to Greyjek, who notices all is now silent, which is fine for the Woosah. Manifesting his telekinetic touchsight, Greyjek notices a robed being at the top of the shaft, presumably the one who attacked his mind. The magic-user at the top sends a green necrotic ray and successfully weakens Bransen of his power. After a second attack on his mind from the mage at the top of the shaft, Greyjek disintegrates the mage, sending his belongings down to the bottom of the shaft. This terminates the annoyance from the Woosah. Jarvyk and Karamus finish off the armored priest, sending his corpse floating down to rest with Ashton’s corpse and the belongings of the other mage.

With the death of Ashton, the decision to explore the rest of Oblivion is put off until Ashton is restored to life. Greyjek offers to expedite the transport and teleport the group to the surface. The group notes it may be unwise to return to the Silver Phoenix house and instead to go to the temple of St Cuthbert, which Greyjek volunteers to teleport them to, however as he is manifesting the power, he realizes he knows not where the temple is, and the most familiar place is the Silver Phoenix house. After they arrive, he notes that he has never seen the Temple of St Cuthbert, this is the only place is familiar with. Looking around, the presence of a surprised Adrick Garthun is noted, along with some of his mercenaries. Adrick whistles and the battle is engaged. Focusing on the newly arrived half-minotaur monstrosity, Greyjek dominates the beast and struggles to control the willful creature, ending up with the beast shaking off the dominate and defeating Karamus, who miraculously survives. Jarvyk finishes off the beast and gathers the body of Adrick while Bransen heals Karamus and Jarvyk. In route to the temple, half-orcs charge off after they spot the group. At the temple, Jenya greets them and was expecting to resurrect someone with all the upheaval of order lately. Rushed into a back chamber, Bransen provides the component to complete the spell and Ashton is brought back into existence. After a very short time, there is a loud crash and Jenya exclaims that the front door has been breached.



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Greyjek Entry 17

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