Greyjek Entry 2

Welcome back. This next lesson shall provide a bit of humor and wisdom for those who happen find themselves adventuring at some point. We will view the images and impressions from Woosah Greyjek; may you learn from them.

“Greyjek has been allowed to tag along with Kan’ti and the Silver Phoenix Adventuring Company. The party is traveling south and arrives at Pearlglen. There was a grand mix of ideas and various trains of thought going through Greyjek’s mind since they departed Sasserine. Most of these had to do with what potentially lay in the areas surrounding Pearlglen. He believes he has condensed the possibilities down to a psionic couatl just about the time the group arrives in Pearlglen. Other possibilities are a warband of Blues (psionic goblins) and the fair chance of a Caller in Darkness from the plague, maybe even a phthisic or patch of udoroot, or some kind of phrenic creature. Note class: These are some psionic creatures you will learn about or have already learned about.

While there is a brief exchange between Kan’ti and the town guardsmen, Greyjek focuses his psionic detection power about the area, however he doesn’t pick up anything useful. He hopes something of a psionic nature will set off his warning detection before it is too late. He notes from the conversation the shrine of Pelor as the first destination the group will investigate. Kort and Kan’ti go off to the shrine while he and the rest of the party stable their horses across the street from the shrine at the Village Tap. The dwarf comes over and makes mention of the priest being under an enchantment, so Greyjek went along to investigate. After Bransen breaks the enchantment, the priest notes the couatl did not have wings, setting Greyjeks thoughts abuzz. The ancient temple where the priest says the couatl is located is definitely on his to-do list now. Greyjek attempts to charm the priest for future use, but it doesn’t work. He might re-try another time. Note class: in locations where psionics is rare, this charm is a rather handy power and must be used subtly.

The others’ interaction at the warden blockhouse does not capture Greyjek’s interest, and he pursues trains of thought as to what the ancient temple might have been created for. The trip to the graveyard passed quickly with Greyjek still in thought. Greyjek did not do much other than scan the area for psionic activity and ponder about the grave mounds in relation to a Caller in Darkness. Memories of the last planar trip to Abeir-Toril brought back some memories of brush with a Caller in Darkness that Greyjek would rather forget. It was a time when he was a few decades younger and perhaps not as wise.

Lerrius arrives from the surroundings quietly and hails the group. Interestingly Lerrius mentions having spoken with Kan’ti’s mentor. Some more conversation goes on and Greyjek thinks it a good time to try and charm the gnome in case he has need of his help in the near future. Unfortunately it fails. Perhaps the gnome is just very strong-willed or something magical the gnome was wearing may have prevented it or some unknown magical effect as Greyjek did not detect any psionic power about the gnome. This tipped him off to be suspicious of the gnome and tucked that away in his mind. Note class: Gnomes may be sly any time you encounter any. Greyjek returns to the Tap and notices the groups dissatisfaction with the outrageous prices of drink. To this, and with a satisfying result, Greyjek charms the barkeep and secures himself the good stuff at a more reasonable price, all on the down-low of course. He thinks it would seem odd to the others that the barkeep took a shining to him in particular so he plays it off as his aura of mysterious power.

When Lerrius does not arrive this next day Greyjek is not surprised. Greyjek follows along with the group in the direction Bransen claims is the path to the temple. Greyjek is pleased to be surrounded by capable alternative power users. It is very conducive to accomplishing a broad variety of tasks more efficiently. Note class: If you end up becoming more of a scholarly adventurer like the Woosah, this is a good tactic. Encountering a pack of huge bears along the path is not a bother for Greyjek, but getting his party past them is another matter. In the midst of deep consideration of a route around them, Kort and Karamus hear some chanting off to the left.

After some quick thinking Greyjek decides to create a doorway in the general direction. He does not want to appear right in front of the source of chanting, so he chooses with a safe distance of 200 feet. This proves too overcautious and puts him in a prickly batch of plant growth, getting a little chuckle from Sage. Note class: This type of action is a good idea given the shortness of time to react to a situation while keeping your own safety in mind. Keeping a lengthy duration power to enhance your detection senses to help pinpoint potential danger sources is a better idea. With Greyjek’s rapid reassessment and encouragement from Sage, he quickly changes his form to ectoplasm which would easily traverse the surroundings. Greyjek is able to fly rapidly toward the party without physical impediments. Greyjek is fine with the speed they are traveling at, since it requires no physical effort, however Sage suggests of a quicker way since they had taken too much time floundering about. Greyjek agrees to use the rather power consuming dimension door again to get closer, 50 feet from the adventuring group’s original location, since Greyjek knows his current location and place at all times. Note class: When you attain the level of competence as Elder Greyjek, incarnating certain powers permanently is very wise. Some, however, like the light power, may not be wise to incarnate unless you perhaps wear spectacles that may control the power.

In his new surroundings, Greyjek takes a few seconds to scan the area for any odd thing that may help him find the source of the chanting, thus noticing a lone wolf seemingly guarding a tree. This encourages Greyjek to look up which reveals platform. He thinks it odd in the middle of the jungle without a well-traversed path, but figures it may be related to the ancient temple. The success at locating the source of chanting and improving his searching technique actually bring a stoic smile to his features. Feeling a urge to confront what may be on the platform, he flies directly up level with it. It is the sly gnome Chief Warden, Lerrius. Fascinating. As the gnome draws down at Greyjek with his bow, Greyjek displeasingly thrusts at Lerrius’ mind intending to crush him into unconsciousness, but Lerrius is stronger than expected. Note class: Mind thrust is a devastating power and is used when you do not want the target to survive. Greyjek used it in this case as he believed he had no other means of disabling the gnome. A more suitable course of action would have been to attempt to cloud the gnomes mind. After the gnome decided to flee, this brought amusement to Greyjek and Sage, so he opened another door and appeared in front of the gnome who took the fall like a hop. Another double tap of arrows and Greyjek crushed the gnomes mind.

That concludes this class, see you next time. Remember, plan plan plan.



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Greyjek Entry 2

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