Greyjek Entry 3

This class on Greyjek Woosah covers the lesson in balance (neutrality) and effective power selecting. We pick up with viewing the perspective of Greyjek after he felled the gnome Chief Warden, Lerrius.

Sage admonishes Greyjek for hastily dispatching the gnome when it’s likely that he was under the same mental control as the village priest was. He dismisses his ectoplasmic form as Kort and Karamus approach. While the two appear somewhat disturbed by the sight of Greyjek returning to normal, Kort asks what Greyjek did to the gnome. Greyjek considers what to tell the dwarf and the wise solution in this case is to tell the truth. Kort is further disturbed at the thought of the gnome’s brain being scrambled from Greyjek’s mental powers. Greyjek leaves the two to deal with the gnome and heads off deep in thought and walking at his unhurried pace towards the rest of the group.

En route to the group Greyjek considers the balance of what he has just done and what may be ahead. It seems that’s the way it is. He felt a bit of chaos rise in him when he chose to finally crush the mind of Lerrius, but that is balanced by the law of reasoning that it is meant to be as it has occurred. The challenge of mentally defeating a potentially potent sorcerer, whether good or evil, intrigued Greyjek. Upon reaching the group, he doesn’t pay attention to what’s being said and interjects absently during a pause in conversation that he is inclined to approach the temple now.

The group approaches a temple, and Jarvyk speaks with the guards. Each of the group gives their names and the guard receives authorization to let the group enter the temple. Greyjek is mildly eager to discover the couatl, Tlanextic he reminded of is its name. Following the group in, he observes the flowery temple and then the parties’ reactions to the couatl. While Tlanextic asks what the party wants and Jarvyk passes the baton to Kan’ti, Kort suggests Greyjek follow. They approach the ziggurat and briefly converse on the deception Kort feels and the lack of a psionic aura that Greyjek notes (which is a disappointment). This prompts Kort to blatantly state that the couatl doesn’t appear to be what he is. This incites the fake couatl to rear up and his gargoyles to attack the party.

Greyjek initiates his tattoo holding the power of energy retort and chooses sonic as the energy as that seems the best method of damaging gargoyles. After many strikes from the gargoyles, Greyjek considers it a good idea to enact inertial barrier to reduce the efficacy of the gargoyles’ strikes. He was too distracted by the gargoyles and the potential danger of whatever the couatl was to focus on his party mates, and figured that he was useless with the gargoyles. The couatl might prove a challenge worthy of his attention, so he created a doorway up to the top of the ziggurat to challenge the beast on top.

Face to face with the beast, Greyjek announced himself and hoped that the beast would be a worthy opponent. In response, the beast scorched him with 3 rays, crippling Greyjek and causing much pain. The next course of action was to retreat and consider a more distant tactic. Opening a door to one of the side rooms, Greyjek changed to ectoplasmic form and started approaching the ziggurat from the side while flying upwards. At a range close enough see and affect the serpentine beast, Greyjek unleashed his mental thrust into the beasts mind and found no challenge. This was a bit of a disappointment. However, the beast reverted to its natural form and he learned from Tedryk’s Grace that it was a spirit naga aberration.

Losing interest in the non-psionic naga, Greyjek perused the loot in the temple and mildly surprised and thankful the expedition to the area turned up at least a couple of psionic related items. Following Kan’ti around with nothing better to do while his thoughts wandered, he noted that Kan’ti found his mentors medallion implying death, perhaps in the belly of the behir. Ah well, chalk another up for the “bad guys” and the balance carries on.

That concludes this session. What did you learn class? Good, keeping your distance if you can until you have a better idea of what you are up against is one lesson. Another, effective use of tattoo’s is correct. Manifesting defensively while surrounded! Good. Good. Until next lesson then.



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Greyjek Entry 3

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