Greyjek Entry 4

Welcome class, I am filling in for today while the preparations are being made for the entering ceremony this evening. This lesson is centered on an interpolation of balance that provides a perspective on the potential outcomes of neutrality theory! How exciting, don’t hold back now class.

Greyjek plods along on his horse with the Silver Phoenixes watching, observing, adding his magnificent insight and phenomenal intellect to casual conversation, until he wisely stops shy of evoking awe or irritation, depending on his mood. On the second day he is disturbed from his reverie on aboleths. Wondering what the group is clamoring about, the Woosah focuses his attention outward to observe the giants and their prisoner up ahead. This would be a fine time to practice that ectoplasmic shambler! Manifesting the proper focus, the shambler coalesces by the will of the Woosah. This seems fine until the giants don’t come charging forward.

Moving the shambler off to the side as it is too much of a bother to dismiss the ectoplasmic form, Greyjek advances, manifesting telekinetic touchsight to feel out the giants. He points the location out to the group and notices the reaction from the giants as they move farther away. They must speak common. Greyjek considers using telepathic communication in the future may prove useful, if costly. Deciding to pursue the pair that went off together, Woosah Greyjek creates a portal to cut off their retreat. Thinking only that their minds will be weak, Greyjek failed to prepare for the massive beating he was about to receive.

Thenceforth, Greyjek procees to blast the pair with a burst of electricity and noticing a party member approaching from behind, instead of changing tack, allows the dwarf, which turns out to be Kort, to take collateral damage. He should be able to suck it up, and he may not know the source, and even if he did, won’t know that the Woosah knows. Viciously thrusting into the mind of the apparent leader while getting beaten back and drawing on his resilience through blow after blow, Greyjek surmises that he has only enough power to escape, leaving the hardy and skillful dwarf to fend for himself. This was as it was meant to be. Balance has been maintained in a draw against the giants. The side of good has taken its toll.

Which theory method is applied throughout the lesson Jenea? Almost dear. The Xnea probability method. Enjoy the festivities this evening!



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Greyjek Entry 4

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