Greyjek Entry 5

Welcome. Today’s lesson has a subtle meaning today. Let me know at the end what you think it is.

To sum up, Greyjek had been studying off and on for a few days, buffing up his script deciphering skill and some knowledge of arcana, religion, and the planes. While in meditation, he got closer to unlocking the method to unweave the bonds of matter and transporting across planes more efficiently than astral travel. Returning from his meditation, he overhears a conversation taking place between the other Silver Phoenixes. He stands and grabs a mint candy that has recently become a favorite treat. Placing the item on his tongue he strolls down to the living room to engage in the conversation. Unfortunately, there isn’t much he feels like interjecting until the subject of traveling to Sigil comes up. He considers who in the Elan enclave would know about the portals and keys to Sigil.

He and the group are interrupted by a fireball erupting in the middle of them. This inconvenience is followed by a second unholy life sucking blast that doesn’t affect him as much it does his “good” aligned fellows. This usual tangential thought of good neutral and evil occurs to Greyjek as he activates a dimensional door to his room to retrieve his gear in a hurry, which is a normal walk for others. He continues to overhear the sounds of battle as he activates an inertial barrier and the true sight and approaches the stairs. He steps over the body of Kort and pays little attention to the balcony while heading for the down stairs. He steps to the edge of the living room and hears one of the others ask him to focus on the elf archer up in the air by the wall, currently disabled by a spell. He thrusts into the mind of the elf and encounters resistance or static perhaps attributed to the disabling spell currently active. He shrugs to himself as the archer is finished off by Karamus. The invisible sorcerer that Greyjek initially intended to combat fled at fantastic speed that Greyjek was rather impressed by and didn’t feel like spending the energy to leap through dimension doors to pursue. After all the intruders were confirmed dead, Greyjek searches for any psionic energy from the bodies. No emanations to be discovered, he ponders the origin of the assassin squad and the data collection method that gave them access to the presence of the group and the good timing of the assault.

This concludes the lesson. I expect you to reflect on the subtle lesson overnight and come to class tomorrow with your ponderous results. Thank you and good thinking.



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Greyjek Entry 5

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