Greyjek Entry 6

It is good to see you all well students. Reflect on the ambiguity of the Keiyan method while we review this section of Woosah Greyjek’s experiences.

As Bransen announces his intent to travel to Sasserine to retrieve pearls, Greyjek asks to go along. The trip there is interesting to Greyjek as to the method used. He thinks that he should work on unlocking that ability within himself. Once in Sasserine, Greyjek takes the opportunity to investigate the city for psionic artifacts. Unfortunately, none were to be found. Greyjek was none too surprised as the evidence that this world is fairly low on the presence of psionics.

In the meantime, after returning to Cauldron, Greyjek meditates near the crater lake considering the next power he wishes to incarnate upon himself. He decides that improving his low-light vision is the most convenient and would not require a light source to be carried around.

Ashton announces his departure to Bluecrater Academy to study about Sigil. Greyjek considers this is another opportunity to study the academy’s relatively meager selection of research tomes in the upper level. There were a few tomes concerning City of Doors and some references to the Outlands and the plausibility of the infinite spire. Unfortunately, none of the books had specific knowledge of the key from Oerth to Sigil.

The arrival of Skylar Krewis to the Silver Phoenix house provides some clues as to the assassination instigator. The mention of the Veiled Lady did not spark any recognition until Jarvyk noted the connection to Wee Jas. The clues almost added up so far. Greyjek was eager to gather his belongings and investigate the temple of Wee Jas.

Karamus was happy to spearhead the operation of entering the temple, however the paladin would not stand for it to be done against his morals. The decision was for the group to split up. This Greyjek finds humorous, internally congratulating the paladin on finding a compromise to his lopsided morals and finding the strength to allow this operation to continue. After the cansin completes his task, Greyjek accompanies him to collect the rest of the group. Upon rendezvousing back at the temple with all the party, Greyjek idly watches the others note the door is back to being locked. The lie the cansin creates about there being a person having entered and it being left unlocked amuses Greyjek and Sage chimes in with the fact that he saw nobody enter the temple the whole time. The withholding of information by Greyjek is balanced by the input by Sage. Greyjek smiles a little, announcing he doesn’t need to break into the building to gain entrance. That’s as far as his suggestion goes before Ashton catches onto the hint and acts on the impulse.

As the group is exasperated by the sorcerer’s boldness, the cansin works on reopening the door. Greyjek makes a doorway into the temple and observes the surrounding interior. The presence of stone giants and half-orcs is of no major concern, so Greyjek activates his force screen tattoo and homes in on the priest as the threat. He ignores the stone giant nearby and almost breaks concentration on testing out his newfound power to disintegrate the priest. Much to Greyjek’s fascination, the priest is reduced to a small pile of dust. Surprised at the effectiveness of disintegrate, he turns to the stone giant who pelted him with a large rock and issues an ultimatum to surrender or be disintegrated. There may have been a failure to communicate, as the giant swung his club that would have caused much damage had Greyjek not called upon his elan resilience and powered the damage away. This bargain to allow the giant to live would not be struck, so following through with the threat, the Woosah focused his power of disintegration on the giant and devastated it. The giant was still up and swinging at Greyjek, so taking another tack, the Woosah thinks to take advantage of the weaker will of the giant with a mind thrust. This task was just not meant to be successful. Greyjek diffuses another blow with his resilience and the giant is finished off by the group, leaving the other giant to decide to quit while he was ahead, asking for quarter. This was fine with the rest of the group and Greyjek wanted to restore the balance of life lost today, so he advises the giant, “Go… and make babies.” After the giant departs, they all move on to collecting the items from the dead bodies.



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Greyjek Entry 6

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