Greyjek Entry 7

Greetings class. This is a good time to bring this lesson to mind after the last session. They complement each other. There are trihedral forms worth using and contemplating over the Woosah’s wisdom. Observe and reflect.

Having assured his newfound revelation of reason, Greyjek prepares to extend the meaning of creation to what he destroyed and considers summoning forth ectoplasm to construct a tool to extend his physical presence in the form of an Astral Construct. As he follows the others around and observes the temple, he surrounds himself with more protection from physical threats. Learning of Vitriss Bale, the Cagewrights, and the Soul Pillars, he files the items away for further inquiry.

When the cansin discovers more beings behind a door, the Woosah manifests and sculpts the ectoplasm into the construct to be another tool in his workings. The pillar of flame that descends upon the three that entered the stairway past the door brings warmth to dry then brings a sheen of sweat to form upon Greyjek’s face, while fluttering his hair and cloak at the same time. With calculated determination, He moves his tool and himself into position on the stairs, observing the wraith and the priest. With the intention of removing the wraith from existence, Greyjek disintegrates part of the beasts existence while his otherplanar construct slams away yet more of the incorporeal wraith. With the approach of grey render zombies, the Woosah works to eliminate the wraith and once complete, set the construct to assist the others in destroying the bone devil and zombies while he concentrates on the priest.

It seemed the others were having a time of striking the priest due to illusory images, fortunately Greyjek had manifested true sight while exploring the temple between this battle and the last. Thus, he was able to focus on the priest and not his mirror images. Using his dorje, he captures the priest with entangling ectoplasm. Still, the priest was a very formidable opponent with a strong mind and experience in combating mental attacks and had a great will to exist. Only having minorly damaged the priest, Greyjek depleted his energy. Tired and down to his last resort, he pulled his deep crystal crossbow, loaded a bolt and fired ineffectively against the priest before Jarvyk dealt the final blow.

Upon returning to the Silver Phoenix house and reflecting, Greyjek, Woosah and elder that he is, sees his presence reinforced to the balance of life and death. While greatly concerned about furthering or hindering the thrivation of any particular race, creed, culture or religion, the needs of balance are being met as clues of what is in process of occurring in Cauldron arise. The veil between the planes of existence may be in danger, as the balance tips in favor of another side to come through, he suspects their job is to be the counterbalance.



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Greyjek Entry 7

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