Greyjek Entry 8

The quest for knowledge is ever lasting. Your presence is welcome. Now, continuing our brief recapitulation of Woosah Greyjek, let us meditate on what occurs in this session.

In the study at the Silver Phoenix house, Greyjek studies the cage with Ashton. From his knowledge, it seems this is perhaps a gateway to the prison plane of Carceri. Making permanent portals to another plane is not uncommon, however this seems to be a cage intended to hold a being perhaps from any plane in this plane. In the time after, Greyjek spends much of his time alone, studying and conversing with Sage on the varieties of knowledge Greyjek had yet to formally study in relation to Oerth and its various aspects. Notably, he focuses on the subjects of dungeoneering (creatures, structures, and traveling methods), geography (lands, terrains, climates, peoples), history (governments, conflicts, migrations), local histories (legends, personalities, inhabitants, laws, customs, traditions), and nature (creatures, seasons, cycles, weather).

During a break from study, Greyjek psychically reforms abilities he learned in the past with ones he realized were much more effective for his new exploits. He enhanced his supernatural elan resilience and gained the ability to overchannel his power and enhanced his ray powers to affect another being within the line of effect. In exchange, he lost the ability to psionically imbue powers into his tattoos, arms and armor, and universal items. .

Sage interrupts Greyjek’s thoughts with a relayed proposition from Jarvyk’s ancestral blade “Tedryk’s Grace.” The entity requests an audience with the Woosah with Sage to be intermediary. Greyjek acquiesces and Sage clarifies that Tedryk’s Grace would like to discuss strategy in the completion of rectifying the situation at Jarvyk’s home. The threat is believed to be psionic in nature and that Greyjek may be able to be of assistance in neutralizing this threat. The targets would need to have their higher minds locked and Tedryk’s Grace will point them out at the proper time. Greyjek inquired as to the manner of psionic creatures that they would encounter.

Reflecting upon the uses and results of his disintegration power (the step before true disbelieving as Greyjek fancies it), Greyjek focuses on expanding his power to disable others without destroying them. Coming to a breakthrough with one possibility of an excellent disabling power, the intellectually capable female atop Greyjek remarks that it must have been good for him, too! Thus, a new idea for a power and the chance of bringing potentially worthy spawn into existence to restore balance to death is done on his part.

Greyjek notes the arrival to two others, Cyrus, whom Greyjek notices possesses psionic power and a narrow minded attitude, and Ryla, apparently a soul manipulator. Cyrus goes off with Jarvyk. Ryla gives her introductory background including the investigation of the Smoking Eye. A related event, Kort receives an enchanted monocle for his Smoking Eye. Wearing and activating it, he examines all present and makes brief comments that reveal a bit more information typical true sight would provide. With input from Cyrus, Jarvyk relates that his family has come to a head and the group decision to depart for DeepOerth is made. Ashton provides information on his acquisition of a map to Karran-Kural which will allow progress for the investigation of the Soul Pillars and the dragon Vitriss Bale. Those two challenges are about as tempting as Jarvyk’s mission.

Greyjek prepares for departure into DeepOerth over half the night, meditating the other half. His study of dungeoneering makes up a large part of his preparation. In the morning he waits as servants prepare his horse while he lightly communes with the creature to try and ensure an amicable relationship for the journey. Throughout the trip to the Lucky Monkey, more ponderances are given to various subjects and uses of his mental power. In the evening, arrival and re-acquaintance with Bransen occurs at the Lucky Monkey. Bransen informs of the contents of his meeting with his newly discovered relatives. That evening, more study of “adventuring” knowledge relevant to their current mission and meditation.

Arrival at Sasserine brought the chance for Greyjek to search for more books and for Ashton to discover the meaning of the soulcage and the renewed urgency to complete Jarvyk’s mission with haste. Finding nothing else of use in the city, Greyjek joins the rest of the group to depart for DeepOerth. The travel was fairly decent and much thought occurred. The first day in DeepOerth was partly interesting and mostly reserved for inward thought. The tunnels occasionally revealed outcroppings of crystals and other rock formations, but none charged with psionic energies. The next day contained a brief encounter with a hydra. Greyjek enacted a defensive barrier to resist damage and manifested his power of disintegration on this unworthy creature to help get the group back on track and moving to Magak, the dwarven kingdom to which Jarvyk’s family belongs. The Woosah’s power was not as effective as he desired, but nonetheless the group handily defeated the hydra. Greyjek approached the hydra’s nest to notice if there were any psionic energies present. To his mild surprise there was a chunk of crystal that Greyjek examines and addresses to find that it is imbued with a minor power that would allow the manifester to enhance his claw and bite attacks. Moving along…



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Greyjek Entry 8

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