Greyjek Entry 9

(Empty chamber) Telepathic message to students: “Free-will day students. For those interested in continuing to learn from the experiences of Woosah Greyjek, drink from the chalice. For those desiring a one-way trip to the negative energy plane, do not drink from the chalice.”

After a less than joyous time spent in the oppressing darkness of DeepOerth, Greyjek focuses on formulating the concept of darkvision and intends to incarnate this unto himself upon completion of understanding. The perceptional aspect limitation is one of the core adversaries to unending understanding. This is a Frewhian paradox and one of the stepping stones to self-deification. For each accomplishment towards this goal, the distance grows longer and longer between stones. However, the strides to meet these goals, time and effort, overcome the adversity and the subject is capable to make the leaps. This has become paragon to Greyjek over time, and will change infinitely with further experience… Interrupting his thoughts, an interaction with a contingent of dwarves produces the presence of Kerouss, the leader of Belmek’s paladin society sworn to Clangeddin Silverbeard. The contingent has apparently been sent to hunt fictional birds, which Greyjek understands as a common ruse with subtle the non-verbal intentions of making room for arbitrarily undesirable plans. The disappearance of individuals from the contingent without trace smacks with deception by creatures of power, likely psionic.

Arriving at the dwarven stronghold of Belmek, the architecture is visually different from other dwarven style, but as practical, sturdy, and capable of defending as any other. The home of Jarvyk’s deprived father is remarkable in its unremarkableness compared to the veritable opulence of the co-opted ancestral dwelling now home to the city council.

Having been accommodated at a tavern with the group sans Jarvyk, Greyjek consumes minimal amounts of the food and drink offered; consuming enough to satisfy the Woosah’s curiosity of the defining qualities of this particular aspect of DeepOerth dwarven cuisine. Noting the potency of the intoxicating substance Ashton drank, Greyjek does not have to stretch hard to make the sacrifice to abstain from the liquid.

The rapidly organized meeting at the statue draws Greyjek and the group away from the tavern. The antics and insults of the city council were not lost on the paladins present. This comprehension of the subtlety by the paladins was humorous to Greyjek. Upon completion of the final councilman’s words, he froze in place. Tedryk’s Grace requested to be installed in the statues hands. The statue, animated with the power of Tedryk’s Grace, went on with a scathing reprimand to the current inhabitants of Belmek. Noting the likely presence of mind control over the councilmen, the two remaining decided to retreat, at which point Tedryk’s Grace indicated they were what he wanted disabled. Obligingly, Greyjek willed them to desist with his power. The meeting came to an end and the group organized to prepared to locate the source of mind control. Having been asked whether he could assist in the location, Greyjek confirms his ability. Tedryk’s Grace notes the low probability of mind flayers as they are much more brutal. He continues with aboleth as the prime suspects and that they would be in water, likely the nearby lake. After stopping by Heberron’s home to prepare, Kort agonizingly implodes in a fascinating “white hole” to nothingness. Apparently he was summoned by the father of dwarvenkind.

Greyjek dispels the compulsion upon two of the three councilmen and continues with the group to the lake. Observing the lake, a group of dwarves turn as one in response to Jarvyk’s hail. This threat spurs Greyjek to use his new ability to burn his lifeforce to manifest an astral construct more powerful than he ever has up to this point. To aid in dealing with the aboleth in the lake. With the sacrifice of time it took to sculpt the aquine construct, the Woosah left himself rather defenseless against psionic attack. However, attempting to dispel the compulsion upon the dwarves was of a different importance and higher in the current priority list. Being a bit distracted by his vulnerability, only one of the dwarves is cleared of the compulsion. His vulnerability reminded by an attack to his ego, Greyjek focuses more on his next try and succeeds with about three more freed from the mental shackles. Within seconds, ectoplasm barriered himself and the remaining controlled dwarf. His first reaction was to dismiss the ectoplasm back to the astral plane. Time enough had been wasted and with the barrier up Greyjek burns his lifeforce once more to expand his senses as far as possible. Greyjek again spent minimal concentration on dismissing the ectoplasmic wall in order to free the rest. Noticing the aboleth in the water are only psychic projections, Grejek halts his constructs attacks and has it swim farther out into the lake. Then, just after crossing the dimensional space between himself and his construct, the fight is over before he could participate directly with the aboleth. With the aboleth compulsion removed from the dwarves, the dwarven kingdom is set to return to its traditional rule. Greyjek stoically confirms his intent to pursue the parties current interests in Karran-Kural.



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Greyjek Entry 9

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