Kort the Grey


Kort joined the Longstriders shortly after Seen Archer had left their company to help take care of his family. He tried to help Pheane deal with the depression over Chet’s death as best he could, and helped with recruiting other members when William took his leave. He was grateful when Asuni and Flannigaul stepped in to take on the dual leadership role, as he was much more comfortable smashing heads, drinking ale, and not making the “big decisions.”

Unfortunately, presiding as the head of the Silver Phoenix Adventuring Company seemed to be his lot in life, when Asuni and Flannigaul were both slain en route to the Underdark after taking on a job to bring the local legend Zenith Splintershield back from captivity in a Kuo-toan city. Left with only the new book-wizard Xelios and the unknown oddity Karamus who had been hired by the gnome before his death, Kort decided that the party should return to Cauldron to see about getting more help, rather than getting killed themselves.

After successfully completing the mission to retrieve Zenith Splintershield, Kort called a company meeting to revise the charter as well as hold elections for a new leader. By popular consensus, he retained the position of Captain, and by the newly drawn charter, would serve out a six month term.

After returning from Occipitus, Kort was marked by the Abyssal plane with the Sign of the Smoking Eye. He did what he could to conceal it, obtaining an eye patch, then a monocle. He was feeling a little overwhelmed by the turn of events that had shoved him into first a leadership role, and then as a contender for the reins of a demonic reality. When he accompanied Jarvyk to Belmek, the eye started causing him serious headaches. He tried not to complain about them, simply sipping dwarven whiskey and trying not to wince.

On 2 Wealsun, 592 CY, Kort the Grey vanished from Oerth in a flash of light while standing in the home of Heberron Tedryk as the party planned their assault on the aboleths that had subverted the city council. The voice of the All-Father boomed immediately after, saying that Kort was needed elsewhere, but that he would be returned when he was needed.

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Kort the Grey

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