Past Heroes


Chet Zanlinglehopper III – (Deceased) Aged Male Human Wizard

Mizuki Gotuh – Female Human Samurai

Pheane Conste – Obsessive Compulsive Male Halfling Rogue

Seen Archer – (Deceased) Young Male Human Warrior with a Large Local Family

William Boccobian – Young Male Human Cleric of Boccob

Silver Phoenix Adventuring Company

Agathon – (Deceased) Male Human Cleric of Pelor

Alexander Surabar – (Deceased) Male Human Warlock/Human Paragon/Ruathar

Asuni – (Deceased) Male Azurin Incarnate

Cirudan the Watchful – (Deceased) Male Elf Ranger Cohort of Alexander

Cyrus Melchior – Gruff Xeph Soulbow Who Fulfilled his Boon to the Tedryk Clan

Elias Hoog – (Deceased) Male Half-Orc Monk/Drunken Master

Fey Skyfall – Female Human Transmuter Former Cohort of Xelios

Flannigaul – (Deceased) Male Gnome Bard

Grumble – Small Earth Elemental Former Familiar to Xelios

Hannelora Nailo – (Deceased) Female Elf Cleric Cohort of Xelios

Kan’ti – Elven Battle Sorcerer Exploring the Application of the Arcane to his Archery

Karamus Invinious – (Deceased, Again) Personable Planetouched Rogue Selfishly Seeking Sainthood

Kort the Grey – (Missing) Dwarven Fighter Called to Greater Things, Captain of the Silver Phoenix Adventuring Company

Ryla Soul Reaper – Heroic Savior of Pinefalls Seeking Information on The Smoking Eye

Tedryk’s Grace – Intelligent Greatsword Housing the Spirit of Jarvyk’s Ancestor

Xelios Kooper – (Deceased) Male Sun Elf Wizard (Evoker)

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Past Heroes

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