Greyjek, Woosah



Greyjek, Woosah
Male Elan Erudite 17
N Medium Aberration (elan)
Init +1; Senses Listen +5, Spot +7 (+2/+2 psicrystal alertness, +2 spot & secret/concealed doors effect from elfsight)
Languages All (incarnate psionic tongues and glasses of comprehend languages and read magic)

AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 19
(+1 Dex, -1 flaw, +8 armor, +2 ring)
HP 149 (17 HD); Enhanced Resilience
Fort +13, Ref +10, Will +18; Resistance (1 pp immediate; +4 bonus to all saves)
Spell Resistance 20
Action Points 8

Speed 30 ft. (6 squares) boots of skating
Melee unarmed +5 (1d3-1)
Ranged deep crystal light crossbow +9 (1d8/19-20)
Ranged Touch Attack +17
Base Atk +8/+3; Grap +6
Atk Options deep crystal activation (2 pp, +2d6 damage), surge crystal activation 1/2/3 levels, Empower Power, Greater Power Penetration, Maximize Power, Overchannel, Quicken Power, Split Psionic Ray, Twin Power
Special Actions enhanced resilience, resistance
Combat Gear dorje of greater concealing amorpha (40 charges), dorje of psionic levitate (39 charges), dorje of deceleration (50 charges), dorje of entangling ectoplasm (47 charges), dorje of force screen (50 charges), tattoos (compression, empathy, mental barrier, psionic tongues, skate, touchsight, ubiquitous vision)
Power Points 328
Unique Powers/Day 9
Powers Known (ML 17th)
9thgreater metamorphosis, psionic etherealness, reality revision
8thbend reality, greater psionic teleport, psionic iron body, psionic mind blank, recall death, shadow body, stygian veil, true metabolism
7thdivert teleport, energy conversion, eyes of the basilisk, fate of one, insanity, oak body, personal mind blank, psionic sequester, reddopsi, ultrablast
6thdispelling buffer, energy barrage, mind over energy, null psionics field, psionic banishment, psionic contingency, psionic disintegrate, psionic restoration, psychometery, stygian bolt, temporal acceleration
5thadapt body, catapsi, clairtangent hand, energy current, incarnate, mind probe, power resistance, psionic plane shift, psionic revivify, psionic shadow walk, psionic teleport, psionic true seeing, shatter mind blank, tower of iron will
4thcorrespond, energy ball, immovability, inertial barrier, intellect fortress, metamorphosis, mindwipe, psionic dimension door, psionic dimensional anchor, psionic divination, psionic dominate, psionic fly, psionic freedom of movement, psychic reformation, remote viewing, schism, stygian ward, trace teleport
3rdbody adjustment, dismiss ectoplasm, dispel psionics, ectoplasmic cocoon, false sensory input, greater concealing amorpha, hustle, mental barrier, psionic darkvision, solicit psicrystal, telekinetic force, touchsight, ubiquitous vision
2ndbrain lock, clairvoyant sense, control sound, ego whip, elfsight, forced sense link, id insinuation, mass missive, object reading, psionic identify, psionic tongues
1stastral construct, call to mind, conceal thoughts, detect psionics, detect teleportation, eidetic lock, force screen, inertial armor, know direction and location, mind thrust, mindlink, my light, psionic charm, sense link, skate, touch of health, vigor

Abilities Str 8, Dex 13, Con 18, Int 28, Wis 18, Cha 10
SQ Aberration, naturally psionic, repletion, conceal thoughts, detect psionics, elfsight, know direction and location, psionic darkvision, psionic tongues
Feats Alertness (if psicrystal w/in arms reach), Empower Power, Enhanced Elan Resilience, Greater Power Penetration, Maximize Power, Overchannel, Power Penetration, Psicrystal Affinity, Psicrystal Containment, Psionic Body, Psionic Meditation, Quicken Power, Split Psionic Ray, Twin Power
Flaws Noncombatant (-2 melee attack rolls), Vulnerable (-1 AC)
Skills Appraise +9 (+11 sculptures), Autohypnosis +16, Concentration +24, Craft (Sculpting) +14, Decipher Script +19, Knowledge (arcana) +21, Knowledge (arch/eng) +15, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +15, Knowledge (geography) +15, Knowledge (history) +15, Knowledge (local) +15, Knowledge (nature) +15, Knowledge (planes) +21, Knowledge (psionics) +24, Knowledge (religion) +12, Psicraft +23 (+25 address power stones), Search +11, Spellcraft +16
Traits Absent Minded (-1 Listen/Spot; +1 all Knowledge skills), Slow (half speed; +1 hp/level)
Possessions combat gear plus deep crystal light crossbow, headband of intellect +6, cloak of comfort +4, vest of health +2, ring of protection +2, surge crystal (necklace), skin of ectoplasmic armor, scarab of protection (12), glasses of comprehend languages and read magic, sage psicrystal, Heward’s handy haversack (dorje of clairvoyant sense (43 charges), dorje of call to mind (48 charges), dorje of mindlink (32 charges), potion of cure serious x2, potion of blur x2, potion of invisibility x2, five shards [Use Psionic Device +5], fire starter kit, winter blanket, mwk sculpting tools, iron pot)
Monetary Wealth: 6,150gp

XP: 140,396


Description: This adventurer appears to the casual eye an average male human. His pale skin has a slightly ashen cast to it. The man seems to be aged somewhere between two and three dozen cycles. His wiry build and average height are by no means extraordinary. There are various symbols of circles and lines made of bleached leather covering his wrinkled dark cloak, itself hemmed in bleached leather, which drapes from his shoulders. His hair is a shoulder-length unkempt pale blonde, almost white. His eyes are a bluish grey and they often give away he is deep in thought, however, when focused on an object they discern as much as they can. His belongings are likely stored in his typical hemp and leather haversack showing a decent amount of use. Slung on his back except when not permitted is a light crossbow with a stock made of a stone or crystalline material. About his forehead is a thin leather band with decorative tooling visible up close. His boots have ripples that move from the top to the toe. He walks with a kind of saunter and is generally unhurried.

Backstory: Let us reflect on the Woosah Greyjek, also known as Greyjek the Woosah and many iterations thereof. Woosah Greyjek was born Gregory Jarrell Keel to a lower class merchant family in central Flanaess’ Greyhawk City. He started developing his psionic abilities after puberty. His parents worked themselves into hysteria and locked him up for a week while they feverishly decided what to do with him. They ended up sending him to a temple of St. Cuthbert to be rid of him. Greyjek struggled under the ministrations of the temple. His will and independence held strong throughout his time with the priests. If he took anything from their teachings it was that Greyjek invigorated his dedication to study and thrived on learning; The combat and religious tutelage he could care less for. However, Greyjek prefers to fight from a distance and is a shameful melee or hand to hand combatant. One day, a scholar by the name of Hartre Shalok was visiting the temple and engaged young Gregory in a conversation of magnitude and saw great potential. Hartre happened to be of a reclusive race called elans. He encouraged young Gregory to fulfill his potential and join the elans. Discussing Gregory’s guardianship with the priests, it was mutually agreed that Gregory proceed with haste in packing up his belongings and joining Hartre on his trip back home. His parents were notified, but no response was expected. Gregory continued his education with the elan and upon completion of his studies Gregory petitioned to become an elan. Gaining approval easily, he went through the process and felt the desire for a new life, so he renamed himself Greyjek, a portmanteau of his birth name. The years went by in dozens as Greyjek’s thirst for knowledge had him traversing the planes of existence, trading and sharing with the network of elans and other psionic allies. After a little over a century had passed, we come to the time when Greyjek attained the title of Woosah. To be continued…

Character Art Copywright by Aleksi Briclot

Greyjek, Woosah

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