Jarvyk Tedryk

Salt of the earth Dwarf on a mission, or two


Jarvyk Tedryk
Male Gold Dwarf Paladin 15/Wild Plains Outrider 3
LG Medium Humanoid (Dwarf)
Init +3; Senses darkvision 70 ft.; Listen -4, Spot -4 (-5 in bright light)

Languages Abyssal, Common, Dwarven, Infernal

AC 37 (41), touch 17 (21), flat-footed 34 (38)
(12 Armor, +6 shield, +3 Dex, +2 Natural, +4 Deflection, (4 Sacred))
HP 185 (18 HD)
Immune disease, fear
Fort 21 (23 vs. poison), Ref 16, Will +14; (2 bonus vs. spells and spell-like abilities)
Action Points 11 (2d6) – (8 left)

Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares)
Melee: Holy Avenger (5) +28/23/18/13 (1d8+10 (2D6 vs Evil) / 17 – 20, x3) Properties: Holy, Cold Iron, Greater Dispel at Paladin level 1 / round – area only, SR 20 to self and allies w/in 5 ft.
1 Blessed Magebane Adamantine Dwarven Waraxe 18/13/8 (1d105 /x3)
BAB: 13; Grab: +17
Atk Options: smite evil 6/day (
4 hit/+15 damage), wild plains offensive
Special Actions: lay on hands (60 hp), remove disease 3/week (reduced by 1 due to planar substitution @ lvl. 6)
Combat Gear: 1 oil of keen edges, 3 potions of cure moderate wounds, 1 potion of cure serious wounds, 1 potion of invisibility, 1 potion of barkskin
Spell-Like Ability Detect Evil (CL 15 At will – detect evil, D

Abilities Str 20, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 19
SQ divine grace, gold dwarf traits (4 dodge bonus to AC vs. giants, +1 bonus to hit aberrations, +4 bonus to resist bull rush or trip attempts), holy warrior, planar paladin substitution level (6 – Celestial Mount)
Feats Mounted Combat, Track, Ride-By Attack, Mage Slayer, Spirited Charge, Blind-Fight, Divine Shield, Pierce Magical Protection, Pierce Magical Concealment, Extra Smiting, Close Quarters Fighting, Power Attack, Improved Critical (Longsword)
Traits Nightsighted (darkvision increases 10 ft./-1 Spot in bright light), Stout (
2 Str check vs. bull rush and overrun, -1 Escape Artist checks)
Flaws Inattentive (-4 Listen/Spot checks), Shaky (-2 to all ranged attacks)
Skills Diplomacy 20, Handle Animal +5 (8 / mount), Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) 6, Knowledge (Religion) +7*, Knowledge (The Planes) +7*, Ride +24 (27 / mount), Spellcraft 4, Survival +15 (17 / other planes) * = Skill Trick (Collector of Stories)
Possessions combat gear plus +1 adamantine dagger, +1 blessed magebane adamantine dwarven waraxe, +4 glamered anti-impact mithral full plate, +4 heavy mithral shield, bracers of Dexterity +2, helm of comprehend languages and read magic, Golembane Scarab, 2 belt pouches (whetstone, 4 pieces of chalk, 2 flasks {1 brandy, 1 bourbon}) Heward’s handy haversack (Book of Knowledge, Silver Phoenix tabard, 4 water skins, scroll case, 50 ft. silk rope w/ attached grappling hook, 50 ft. knotted silk rope, 2 tinder twigs, winter blanket, crowbar, hammer, 10 pitons), large iron stew pot
Money 133 gold

XP 86,615


Jarvyk Tedryk is a military minded warrior of Clanggedin Silverbeard from the clans of Golden Dwarves, who reside deep within the ancient halls of their ancestors. Few from this society ever venture above ground, and still fewer reside there for any notable duration. Most believe that journeying beyond the Dwarven homeland, without a clear plan of conquest, is foolhardy and peculiar at best. Some even believe it can bring a curse upon their family. The Tedryk line is known to have had many members defy this view.

The first, Jarl Tedryk, helped to rid the lower realms of evil denizens prior to his travels within the ‘realm above’. It is said that his campaigns helped to clear the way for many great Dwarven cities, crippling populations of Orcs, Goblins, Drow, and various other aberrations for decades. No one is sure why he first traveled beyond the homeland, but it is thought that he quested for a great weapon to aid him in those campaigns.

Dwarven lore has it that these excursions into the realm above took their toll on Jarl, eventually driving him insane and cursing the Tedryk line with wanderlust, oddity, and ill-fortune. Members of this line rarely believe such tales and often counter them with their own accounts Jarl’s well-known deeds of heroism. The Tedryk Dwarves do not believe themselves cursed and are ready to prove this with their own quests and adventures.

Jarvyk, owing mainly to this huge chip on his shoulder, always sought membership in the holy order of knight protectors; the Paladins. This esteemed group of holy warriors protect all Gold Dwarf cities, keeping the creatures of darkness at bay. It was this status, and opportunity to contribute to all Dwarves, that attracted young Jarvyk. He wanted to live the life of Jarl, and prove to his peers that the Tedryk line was pure and strong. He wanted to show them the folly of superstition and fear.

His father, Heberron, thought better of these desires. He knew well this path of war, having fought in several as a younger Dwarf. The life of hardship and death could be avoided, if one planned properly, and this was his desire for Jarvyk. Living the life of a merchant craftsman, traveling between the realms of man and Dwarf. There was enough excitement on such journeys to satisfy most Dwarves for several lifetimes. It would also give Jarvyk a chance to learn the family business, alchemy, and take over the lucrative family trade routes and Heberron’s recently established customers. A new family tradition, respectable in its own way, could begin to restore the honor of the Tedryk name.

This would be a slower path to redeeming the family, but his father’s will was law and so, for a time, Jarvyk put aside his desires for glory to do as his father wished. Years passed. He learned the arts of alchemy well, but never took to the finer points of haggling. The shrewd business mindset never appeared to reside within him.

It was on of these business trips to the surface that Jarvyk and his father were changed…

A normal looking caravan, guarded by four stout Dwarves, approaches. It passes along the trade route without incident, barely acknowledging the Tedryk wagons as it moves in the opposite direction. Shortly thereafter, a screech pierces the corridor and havoc is unleashed upon the road. A group of disgustingly formed creatures surprise the well-guarded caravan and fell half the security detail instantly. The remaining warriors engage the enemy, blasting them with holy might and furious holy presence. Jarvyk looks at his father, sees the shock, and seizes opportunity. Without further hesitation, a waraxe is drawn and the long charge to the enemy met. A firm grasp of haft and a heaping measure of luck help Jarvyk to turn the tide of the ambush. He is able to hold off the enemy long enough for help to arrive.

In the middle of the pitch, with blood flying free and screams deafening all, the guards tactfully retreat to the main wagon of their caravan. Descending the steps is a Dwarf covered in steel plates bearing the symbol of Clanggedin Silverbeard upon his chest. He proclaims in a loud and booming voice, "I am Kerouss, defender of Clanggedin Silverbeard and protector of these Dwarven lands. Be gone from this realm or perish!” and with that he charged the nearest enemy. Several tense moments passed and with them the sounds of battle. Only heavy breathing and sighs of relief could be heard all around.

It was in this time that Kerouss approached Jarvyk and formally introduced himself. After the normal introductions he slowed his meter a bit and deepened his tone, as if to convey some great message. “The creatures that attacked us,” he said, “are foul beasts. You showed great prowess in your efforts against them. Tell me, what is the name by which I should praise you?" Jarvyk answered quickly and honestly, “I am Jarvyk Tedryk, descendent of Jarl Tedryk, son of Heberron Tedryk, at your service,” and with that he bowed respectfully. He then continued, remaining bowed, “You are a Paladin, servant of Clanggedin Silverbeard, pillar of purity. How is it that I might serve you?”

Kerouss looked down at the young Dwarf and placed a hand upon his shoulder. “Rise young one. You have earned that much, at least.” As Jarvyk rose Kerouss caught his gaze and said, pointing at Heberron, “Is that your father off there?” As Jarvyk nodded Kerouss continued, "Before we say more, I would speak with him if he is able.”

Kerouss approached and spoke with Heberron for several minutes, both in hushed and heated tones. It seemed for a moment as though more conflict might arise. Eventually, the two returned to Jarvyk, side by side.

“Son,” Heberron began, “know that you are loved and admired in your own house. I could not have crafted a better son if Moradin placed His hammer in my hand Himself. Kerouss believes, and I have come to agree, that your path is changed this day; or at least revealed. You will travel to the Great Hall on the morrow and begin the Trials of Faith. You have been offered a Paladin’s education and I believe it is your destiny to accept.” Kerouss interjected at that point, “What say you brave lad? Is your heart as true and just as your actions this day?”

A brief moment of awe passed over Jarvyk’s face before he could force the words from his lips, "Yes, I accept. Clanggedin be praised, Moradin be praised! I will serve the Dwarven nation proudly.”

It was rough, leaving his father behind to join the ranks of the Paladins, but not as rough as staying.

Jarvyk traveled with and learned from the Paladins for years, eventually working his way up to Sergeant. He was on the path to becoming as well known as Jarl, and had even changed a few minds with regard to the Tedryk line. That was before…the incident.

Heberron, while trying to clear up the matter of a new trade route to the surface, was the victim of superstitiously driven character assassination. His lineage was called into question and his claim to several trade routes put on trial. Without proof of his heritage he would lose access to those trade routes. Without access to those routes he would be ruined.

It was at this time that he called for Tedryk. “My boy,” he said, “the situation in which our family finds itself is dire indeed. More important than losing these trade routes will be our standing within the realms. You may even find hardship with other Paladins if this nonsense is believed. Something must be done to preserve our heritage. Here, take this,” and with that Heberron produced a finely made great blade made of dark metal.

”This blade, handed down to me through the generations, belonged to Jarl Tedryk himself.” Jarvyk gasped in awe. “You must take this blade, far from here, to the surface. Once there you must find a way to unlock its secrets.” The son washed with a confused look. “Although this blade contains the secrets of our family, perhaps even some of their souls, it is not of Dwarven make. You must take it to the lands in which it was made, use it, connect yourself to it, and wield its power. If the magic within it can be awakened, our family may yet survive. Awaken the Tedryk spirit within the blade Jarvyk. It is the only way to prove our heritage and regain our status.”

A few days passed while Jarvyk got his affairs in order. He left the Paladin order, never to return. The policies that keep the order protected and secure prevent members from returning once they have left, so this would be a permanent journey in some sense. To Heberron, the over protective, a long stare and a distant wave. To the homeland, a last longing glance. The realms above await, and in them answers…


Jarvyk Tedryk

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