Elias Entry 1

I wish I knew how to write, so that I could do more than just think about what happened to me. This would probably make a great story for someone.

My Drunken Master trainers are probably wondering what I got up to – of course, it’s my own fault for drinking so much. They warned me against over-consumption, but they only said I would end up with a really bad headache and maybe some stomach aches. They certainly didn’t tell me I might end up in the desert.

Well, it’s okay though. I’ve met some nice folks here. I’m pretty hungry, though. These dwarven guys don’t seem so bad – I suppose I’ll throw in with them for now, since they’re as interested in getting back to Cauldron as I am.


Can I postscript my own thoughts? Anyway, this weird dude showed up and said he could get us out of the desert. I’m pretty hungry, and I know sand won’t cook. So, I’m throwing in my support with him.

I hope nothing bad happens!



Elias Entry 1

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