Elias Hoog


On the morning of 8 Planting, 592 CY Elias Hoog awoke from a rough night of drinking in a much different place than he’d been the night before. He found himself in a ruined Spell Weaver structure in a desert hundreds of miles from the city of Cauldron, where he’d started his revelry. And he was not alone. Also within the ruin were the Silver Phoenix Adventuring Company and the body of Alek Tercival, a paladin of St. Cuthbert rumored to be possessed by demons. Disoriented and more than a little confused, the half-orc decided it was best not to get on the party’s bad side.

Half a day later, he assisted the group in defeating the babaus that attacked. He was hesitant to trust Kaurophon, but since the half-fiend seemed to be offering the only reasonable escape from their current predicament, he was willing to go along with the others to Occipitus.

Though not officially a member of the adventuring company, Elias proved himself to be a capable combatant. His hit and run tactics and incredible natural speed disoriented his opponents, and he rarely gave them an opportunity or even a target. He seemed to gain power from drinking alcoholic beverages, a talent that Kort was interested in.

On approximately 17 Planting, 592 CY Elias suffered a fatal blow from an assassin on the Plain of Cysts while the party attempted to pass the second part of the Test of the Smoking Eye. Regrettably, his body was too heavy and cumbersome for the party to carry with them and had to be left on that ancient battlefield.

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Elias Hoog

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