Greyjek Entry 14

Student 1: “Class as usual.”
Student 2: “Yes, it shall be a chore to analyze the Grady Triversal Auralvisual technique I look forward to presenting my revelations to the instructor.”
Student 3: “For a blow-off class such as this, why would you try so hard to actually analyze the concepts? I just sit back and enjoy the show.”
Student 1: “True, we will be graduating in two years, nothing will stop us from becoming gods.”
Student 2: “Seriously? If you cheat yourselves of the valuable lessons here, nothing will stop you from becoming idiots. Raise the bar mates. This takes less than a minute. It’s the reflection that reaps the rewards. It is what gets you the step beyond what you consider being a god.”
[Students 1 and 3 roll their eyes.]

Greyjek has arrived in Cauldron and ponders looking up Thearynn Louvell, a Cagewright leader. The research on the fellow elan may take up fairly valuable time considering the current circumstances. Using one of his new chaos found power to manifest a clairtangent hand, Greyjek composes a message to inquire as to the background of Thearynn Louvell on the desk of fellow elder Jerval. While Greyjek is mentally immersed in doing this, the group has arrived at the Drunken Morkoth and met with Fellian Shard and Shensen Tesseril which leads to the group deciding to retrieve the half-elf Strider, Fario Ellegoth, from the clutches of the Last Laugh. Having finished his message to Jerval, Greyjek mentally rejoins the party at the time they decide to depart for The Brass Trumpet and retrieve Fario.

The Woosah saunters along behind the group enroute to the Trumpet. Upon arrival, Bransen is fortunate to have been granted the power to locate Fario. Using his intellect to deduce where Fario is, he asks Bransen to move about the building to more precisely pinpoint his location. Arriving at the western side of the building and noting that Fario was on the second floor just inside the wall, Greyjek holds his dorje that grants him the ability to manifest a clairvoyant sensor approximately where Fario should be located. Observing the room, he describes the room and its occupants to the others. It was a rather grisly scene, with Fario in a torture rack and a female torturer standing next to him, with her face painted half white and half black. Dismissing the sensor, Greyjek suggests preparatory measures and to be prepared to enter the room via a dimensional door. Karamus disappeared to the normally sighted with a brandishing of a wand and entered the door with the rest of the party in contact with each other. Karamus was also the first to act and appeared at the side of the woman with his knife in her side. She wisely surrendered, quietly.

The information briefly gathered from the woman while Bransen attended to Fario was valuable enough and the Greyjek manifested a mental lock on the woman to ease the process of evacuating the building and returning to the Drunken Morkoth. The Rhiavadi estate is discussed and a plan to reconnoiter it before a meeting scheduled to occur that evening. Forming a mindlink with Karamus and tapping into his visual senses, Greyjek related to the group in real time the state of the estate as seen by Karamus. As the evening wore on, Karamus noted the arrival of the guests. Greyjek decided it was time to exercise his dorje and extended his sensor into the first floor of the building. Finding nothing but guards, he moved up a floor and discovered the meeting about to begin. He observed the meeting and at the end related the whole scene in its entirety to the group. The end of the meeting brought a bounty upon the Silver Phoenix Company and this spurred the group to run to the Silver Phoenix house to evacuate Karissa and the Archer family. Noting that Vhalantru was absent, the decision is made to investigate his estate for what occurred to him. Greyjek uses his dorje again to scout around for the location of Orbius Vhalantru…



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Greyjek Entry 14

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