Greyjek Entry 15

Students may observe the use of the preytŏk method and learn its potential strengths and weaknesses before you are put in a situation where it is required. Write a journal entry on the subject and what you would do in the situation. The entry is due before next class. Thank you.

Having expended enough energy on a mildly unproductive investigation of Lord Vhalantru’s manor, the Woosah figuratively passed the torch off to Ashton with his ability to fly and conceal his visibility. The Woosah considers corresponding with Kai Starseekers mentor, Damon Gnilevart, better known as Mistphane, on the concept of psionic flight. He also considered the ability to manifest an apparently automatic and passive mind-affecting power such as the sorcerer’s invisibility. Another idea is that it perhaps is merely an energy effect! Yes, weaving the kinetic energies of light, sound and heat around the body from infinite angles, or better than that, creating an energy barrier that acts to transfer all energy from one side of the body to the other! The perfect invisibility flux…. Ashton interrupts his musings with a report of his scouting which includes floating multi-eyed orb-like creatures and a doppelganger, which the Woosah knew of and promptly informed the group of their textbook definition from memory. This enlightened the group as to the possibility of Lord Vhalantru not being present and likely impersonated. The decision to infiltrate the manor was made. Greyjek received the location of the doppelganger from Ashton and manifested a dimensional door into the room, allowing an invisible Karamus to strike first at the creature. The doppelganger possessed a keen ability to evade Karamus’ attack. While Jarvyk and Karamus and Ashton were distracting it, Greyjek used the preytŏk method and dominated its mind in order to get some valuable answers from the creature with little resistance. Interrogating the doppelganger, Gortio, was easy enough considering the doppelgangers situation. Lord Vhalantru was below the manor performing a long ritual in what is called Oblivion.

Greyjek decided to open a dimensional door in the entryway to avoid the eyestalk creatures, but slightly misjudged the architectural layout, leaving Ashton in sight of the creatures. Dealing with the orc guards and the eye creatures was going to be unpredictable and Greyjek had used up his memory capacity for powers this day and could only manifest the ones currently in memory until he cleared it during his day’s meditation. Using his power to dominate, he did his best to neutralize the mercenary guards for the group to handle them without being overwhelmed as the eye creatures had powers within their gaze and nearly paralyzed the Woosah. Fortunately, Ashton’s fire blast destroyed all but one of the eye creatures. Turning his attention to the final, dominated, orc to extract some information, Greyjek is fascinated by his simple wit and ignorant interpretation of his commands. It amounted to the line of thought “if it does not constantly say we cannot do it, we can do it whenever it is not constant”. It was like gravity yielding to the orc after he fell he decided to fly as high as he wants until gravity decides to push him back down, at its leisure. The beast did not interpret the Woosah’s intent within the message. How the orc existed as a mercenary and not a purely chaotic will – the Woosah did not understand. At the conclusion of the fruitless interrogation, the orc slashed through Greyjek’s shoulder as he stood there perplexed by the conundrum. The quick response from the Silver Phoenixes ended the threat.

Moving on with the mission to Oblivion, Karamus worked on the lock rather than searching each orc for the key and trying each key. His method proved much quicker than the common approach. Entering the wine cellar where the illusionary door was located, Greyjek manifested the power of true sight to counteract illusion, etc. Entering the unknown chamber beyond, Greyjek suggests that Karamus stand where he is to avoid toppling into a circular pit a few feet in front of him. The group opts for the old-fashioned rope method, however Greyjek is wise to his inability to negotiate that route and uses one of his recently acquired dorjes to manifest the power to levitate down, staying close to the wall in order to have more mobility than straight up or down. In the pit is a triad of zombies, nothing apparent psionically about them. Karamus destroys one to yet reveal a creature of unknown origin other than that it burst out of the zombies chest, from a extradimensional space of some sort. Greyjek’s powers fail against the creature, its will being strong enough to repel the attacks. The rest finish off the zombies and the three creatures in a frenzy of battle. The exit is the next point of interest…



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