Hegemonic Plate

A rectangular plate of silver etched with odd figures and ciphers (6” x 8”, 400 gp value). A crude map and a few notes in Giant are scratched into the opposite side of the plate, which would be smooth otherwise. These scratched notes seem to be quite recent, but the plate itself has a definite aura of ancient weight about it.

The etchings on the front of the plate summarize the terrible experiment of the spell weavers before the disaster that produced the Demonskar. On the left side of the plate, three scenes are depicted. The bottom scene depicts the ogre slaves of the spell weavers toiling to build the planar travel installation that malfunctioned and created the Demonskar. The next scene up depicts the same ogres, empowered by an elixir of some sort and granted great strength to aid in their work. The topmost scene shows the planar travel installation in its completed glory.

The spell weavers’ leader is depicted on the right side of the plate; he holds something referred to as the “Starry Mirror” above his head. A string of ciphers under the depiction of the Starry Mirror represent numbers. These numbers are, in order, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, and 3. Jarvyk determined correctly that these six numbers were the numeric combination that provided the key for properly navigating the maze beyond the Starry Mirror.

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Hegemonic Plate

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