Kan’ti met Karamus of the Silver Phoenix Adventuring Company in the city of Sasserine on 20 Planting, 592 CY, while in search of ANYONE with information about his mentor who was supposed to have traveled through a month or so before, investigating the disappearance of fey creatures near the village of Pearlglen. He overheard the cansin claiming to be good at finding clues, and convinced him to overlook his eavesdropping long enough to hear him out over breakfast. An odd, pale haired man named Greyjek, also interested in the cause of the disappearances, invited himself to join the conversation and to come along with them, as well.

The following day, Kan’ti met with the rest of the adventurers, who agreed to help him find his mentor in exchanged for the elf’s assistance with their own adventures. Kan’ti agreed to pay for their services should their future endeavors prove to be too much for him. He proved his arcane abilities to the company’s satisfaction, and left Sasserine with them when they began the journey back to Cauldron.

His first battlefield test with the seasoned adventurers went alright. Their foes seemed to ignore his spells until the black tentacles successfully grappled with one of the weakened dire bears. Unfortunately, Jarvyk went wading into the area of effect shortly thereafter and had to contend with the effects of the spell. This was shortly remedied and their opponents were all slain.

Kan’ti parted company with the Silver Phoenixes on 14 Flocktime, after an assassination attempt in their own home left him wounded and nearly claimed two members’ lives.

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