Kort Entry 11

Planting 7th (Continued)
After to looting we began to explore, we knew that there were clues to Tercival’s whereabouts here. And the Staff as well.

We found the Stiff in a hidden drawer and continued. We found Tercival! Only he didn’t act like he was happy to see us. He was sitting in a room facing a Mirror. (What we believed to be the Starry Mirror due to its location and shape.) He invited us to watch the Mirror to see the dark-fate awaiting Cauldron. The Mirror did show us something, five windows under its surface that showed us Tercival in a room with an iron door.

While my companions were watching the Mirror, I noticed that Tercival had dropped a mirrored dagger (?) and seemed to be about to do something to us. I leaped on him, intending to restrain him and while my friends watched, a host of mirrored beings came out of the Mirror. I trusted the Company to take care of that threat while I continued to subdue Tercival in the chair.

After the fight and the subduing of Tercival, we found that Tercival was an illusion created by another mirror-skinned being. He seemed to be there to prevent anyone from using or damaging the Mirror.

We found that we cold pass through the Mirror and Aston passed throu it into the rooms beyond. Bransen soon foloowed an Jarvyk as well. Jarvyk figure the puzzle of the mirror and I entered to share this with the others.

Finally we were all in the room with the real Tercival and the Karamus finally joined us. We did our best to revive Tercival and have him explain what he was doing. Tercival mumbled, “When the final cage is shackled the burning doom shall rise.” Jarvyk recognized this as something Splintershield had said as well. When we had roused him more completely, Tercival was angry and shamed about being fooled by the False Angels. Tercival seemed reluctant to return to Cauldron to revoke his challenge and save Redgorge due to his shame.

We broke through the Iron door and found ourselves in a vast desert outside a building. We decided to rest and plan. In the middle of the night, a Demon came to us and attacked Tercival. We did what we could, but the Demon was more than a match for us. Once it has slain Tercival, it laughed at us over Redgorge’s doom and vanished.

Tercival was beyond saving and as I watched his corpse, a peaceful look crossed over his face and he said in a voice not his own, “There is naught left for you in Cauldron, heroes! To return is to enter your own graves and to bring doom upon all you love! Trust the sign of the Smoking Eye if you wish to save them all!” Everyone recognized the voice of the angel Nidrama.

Now we plan again…




Kort Entry 11

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