Kort Entry 12

Planting 8
Half Orcs drop from the Sky! Great a drunken Half Orc with the “smoking Eye” tattoo… At leas he has something good to drink. Keeping in mind the Angel’s words, we let him join us for now.

We are far enough out from any civilization that it would take us a lot of time to walk it. We may start tomorrow. Attacked by acid coated demons! Whilst we were fighting them, a new person banished them and spoke to us. He was Kaurophon, a demon from the realm of Occipitus, The Realm of the Smoking Eye. He wanted us to join him there to help him pass the tests to gain mastery over the realm and remove the portion of the Devine plane stuck there.

We did hold conclave and agreed with some conditions: He was to tell us all he knew about the folk behind the troubles in Cauldron, he would offer protection on the plane we were going to, he would give us a scroll of Plane Shift so that we could escape even if he was dead, and Jarvyk insisted on a mutual aid agreement for after we were done.

Kaurophon agreed and showed us his true form, not too hideous. And although Evil, he seems intent on keeping his word in order to gain what he wished. He also mentioned an Angel, Saureva, with whom he had spoken while attempting the Trials.

Planting 9
Off to the planes!
And what a nasty place, flesh, bone and blood make up this place. Caustic and disgusting. Kaurophon claimed a 100-mile journey to reach the Citadel of Feathers where the Tests were to take place. He cautioned us to make haste to avoid the occupants of the land.

We ran into the Occupants in the Form of giant herd-beasts. When the moved to attack, we did the same.

Och! Trampled by Giant Cows? What a place where the COWS are so formidable! We may need a change in tactics to survive. Several of us almost died from the Fewkin’ COWS!




Kort Entry 12

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