Kort Entry 13

The Fewking Planes!
First the COWS try to eat us and then the Vulture men?

I would have thought that anyone holding hands and dancing would be Drunk or sissies, but from Kaurophon’s fear, it seems not. Called Tanar’ri (Vroks specifically) their dance was the Dance of PAIN. Most everyone was clear of the effect except Kaurophon and I. Kaurophon tried to destroy one with magic, but failed and My arrows did little or no damage. Jarvyk retuned and engaged one of the flying Vroks. Such a fight, flying just over our heads they kept us busy for a few, but we slew them except for the one that teleported.

Why do I even carry this damned bow? Yes, I’m the only one strong enough to show how useless it can be… Dead Vulture-Men!

Planting 11?
Nothing, Thank Moradin

Planting 12?
Nothing again, Thank Moradin

Planting 13?
Welcome to the (Bone) Forest, we have fun and games…
Nothing like standing bones to give a Dwarf the willies.

The Cathedral of Feathers. The Cathedral looks like a place dropped out of the sky onto the ground. Broken statues and building pieces litter the area around it. It is very much out of place here.

Once the large stone doors had been unstuck and opened, we stepped inside. Into webs and lightning! Driders lurked inside the entrance, waiting in ambush. Bransen sent one home and Elias hit the other one with his fists. (What a shot, who new that drinking could lead to that kind of strength) The second Drider, now dead was looted gaining us more magic and a new(?) Spell for Ashton. The merits of lining up for lightning Bolts was discussed.

And on to the Trials?




Kort Entry 13

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