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Harv 28- For the first time I have heard the name “Cauldron.” I heard it a nameless tavern, where I had been sampling the stuff they call “beer” (as in my other journals, it is mostly the same weak, watery, barely brewed tea). A man was talking about a place he had recently come from, a city built in the crater of a dead volcano. He said that the place “boiled with trouble enough” and laughed at his joke. This sent shivers down my spine as I heard the echo of Moradin’s words to me.

Patch 1- I have made travel arrangements with some small-time traders heading for a place where I might find the road to Cauldron.

Patch 10- Small town, the locals were able to direct me to another town where I could fin my way to Cauldron (beer was not bad, it was made by a Dwarven brewer)

Patch 16- Small band of thieves. Two died, the rest fled. Not much to note.

Patch 20- Found a caravan to Cauldron, no need for guard and I had to use most of my coin to buy passage. As they were traveling faster than I, I chose to pay and ride.

Patch 24- It is as they said it be, a city built within a dead volcano’s crater. The “walls” are most likely riddled with caverns and hidden places. It does seem to have “trouble enough” to keep me busy and Moradin happy.

Patch 25- I answered an advertisement for a Warrior by an adventuring group. They seem to have a sense of humor about them. An old Man, A young Man, and A male Halfling were the whole group. A wizard, a priest, and a rogue, respectively. Chet, William, and Pheane. They said that one of their number had left to help with family troubles. I thought I heard a whisper in my helm, “These are your guides, they will show you your path.” Moradin speaking to me again?

Patch 26- They led me into a bath-house, and from there into a cave beneath. There were several empty rooms, some with signs of fighting. After exploring a little bit (discovering a temple that really needs to be cleaned), we entered a larger cavern and were attacked by Goblins and a Warg Rider. We took them with spell, axe and knife. A Goblin wizard took the old guy down and I persuaded and killed it. (I think that I might keep my beard and mustache trimmed to fit within my helm from now on) After that a giant wolf attacked us and as I rushed to the aid of my new comrades, I saw that Chet had been revived. I landed a solid blow that didn’t hurt the beast as much as it should have. The wizard blasted it with fire and the wolf changed into a vapor. We decided to follow it and it led us into an ambush. A Man with white hair and tattoos, and a woman with pointed ears and cloven hooves accosted us in a small room. The Man turned out to be a wizard and did serious injury to William. The woman used a halberd on Chet and he went down, I used an Axe on the tattooed man and he went down to stay. When I turned to confront the Hoofed woman I saw that she had slain Chet outright and that William was down with acid burning his chest. Pheane and I killed the woman and revived William. Sadly there was nothing to be done for Chet. William cast a quick spell and said that we should take certain items from the corpses. We did this and wrapped Chat’s body and made our way to the exit. Later that day William told us that he had to be leaving Cauldron.

Pheane and I are currently looking for others to help with the mist-thing.

(late entry)

The Mist thing was a vampire is now, undead-dead. Loot acquired. New companions- Asuni (whatever he is) and A Gnomish Loudmouth… Er Bard. I hate monkeys. Mostly saved the city from flooding. (Wands of Water Control Quest)


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