The Silver Phoenix Adventuring Company first encountered the angel in the jungles west of Cauldron while they were seeking Alek Tercival. She appeared to them and assured them that they were on the right path. She also gave them a warning that the Lord of the Demonskar was aware of their approach and that “false sisters” would try to deceive them. At the end of their first encounter, she hinted at the location of Alakast, the weapon that Surabar Spellmason had used in defeating his ancient foe hundreds of years ago.

Because they heeded Nidrama’s words, the party did not fall for the half-fey green hags’ ruse of appearing as trumpet archons, and later found Alakast hidden in a secret drawer in the false angels’ chambers.

Nidrama spoke through the paladin Alek Tercival as he lay dying in the Ancient Vault, instructing the party to “Trust the sign of the Smoking Eye” if they wanted to save the region from the perils it faced.



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