Formerly the domain of the demon prince Adimarchus, this layer of the Abyss is considered haunted by the Abyssal hordes. Centuries ago, in a war long forgotten, the heavenly host cast down a part of Celestia after they’d been overrun by Adimarchus’ forces. Adimarchus attempted to have Occipitus absorb these ruins, but it did not completely work. Pockets of Good still exist within the realm.

Adimarchus himself has been missing from Occipitus for the last fifty years, presumably slain by one of his many enemies. He left behind a Test that any prospective new ruler of the layer would have to pass in order to exert his or her will upon the plane.

Kaurophon struck a deal with the Silver Phoenix Adventuring Company to assist him in passing the three Tests. This was the party’s first foray into the Outer Planes.

Locations within Occipitus:

Cathedral of Feathers – Site of the Test of Judgment

Plain of Cysts – Site of the Test of Resolve

The Skull – Site of the Test of Sacrifice

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