This outsider was a prisoner of Adimarchus before the demon prince’s disappearance from Occipitus. Kaurophon learned a great deal about the Abyssal layer from this being. Presumably, he remains trapped in the Abyss, unable or unwilling to return to Celestia.

The party encountered the angel impaled upon a number of spears near the entrance to the Skull. They healed and freed him, and he grudgingly told them a little about the mind of Adimarchus and the Test of the Smoking Eye. The last part was the only one required to take control of Occipitus, the other two parts of the Test were simply in place to lead would be rulers to the last part. He would not tell them about the final Test, but he asserted that even if they knew what it was, it would not help them prepare for it. He inadvertently outed Kaurophon on a lie he’d told the party regarding the first part of the Test.

At the end of the conversation, he flew away to pursue whatever was left of his own fate.



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