Test of the Smoking Eye

The Silver Phoenix Adventuring Company found Alek Tercival, trapped on the other side of a magical maze in the bowels of a Spell Weaver ruin. Stuck in the middle of an unknown desert with no immediate way back to Cauldron, the group decided to rest and let the spellcasters refresh their spells, in the hopes that they might be able to help the party escape from their predicament. Unfortunately, while they rested, a glabrezu demon appeared in the vault and attacked Tercival. After the horrid creature dealt mortal wounds to the paladin, it cackled about Redgorge’s imminent demise then vanished on the wings of a teleport spell. Before Tercival expired, he spoke in the angel Nidrama’s voice, instructing the group not to return to Cauldron, but instead to trust the “sign of the Smoking Eye” in order to save the region from its doom. Bewildered and dispirited, the party members eyed their meager supply of rations…


13) A Bargain Struck

14) Plains of Occipitus

15) Judgment

16) Resolve

17) To The Skull!

18) Sacrifice

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Test of the Smoking Eye

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