Twin Star

This relic, consisting of two parts appears as a pair of rapiers. Separately, the blades are referred to as Daystar and Nightstar. Their true function is unknown, although they have a strong tie to the planes.

Karamus and his sister Karissa stole Twin Star from its former owner, who resides in the City of Doors. In retribution, the Shadow Academy captured Karissa and Lord Azlenar is currently holding her for a 25,000 gold piece ransom. Karamus escaped to the Prime to try to raise the money that had been placed on his twin’s freedom.

He only recently discovered that the rapiers were more than they seemed to be. They began to react to some of the actions that he took. Nightstar reacted to a purely selfish act that the cansin took. Soon after, Daystar reacted to a completely selfless act.

When Karamus asked Kaurophon about Twin Star, the man recognized the relic, and commented that their potential could not be discovered on the Prime.

Daystar or Nightstar

Rapier +1 when wielded on the Prime Material plane.


Although the sword doesn’t seem to make creatures any easier to hit, it appears to deal additional damage of an undetermined type to Outsiders while on Occipitus.

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Twin Star

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