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Player Input

Dramatis Personae – Current Cast of Player Characters

Journals – Character Perceptions

Conversations – Character Conversations held outside of game nights

Charter – The Silver Phoenix Company Charter

Game Master Input

Chapters – Game Sessions by Chapter

History – Past People & Events of Note

Locations – Places of Note

Organizations – Groups of Note

Relics – Objects of Power

Rumors – The Word on the Street

Supporting Cast – NPCs of Note

Timekeeping – Explanation of the Calendar Used


For the most part, we will be following the 3.5 rules as written, supplemented and/or adapted by the official errata, which may be found here.

Bibliography – Books Owned and Approved of by the GM

Character Generation – How to Make a Hero

House Rules – The Sundries, of Which There Are Few


Original Game Summary – First Eight Games Summarized

Memoirs – Writings of Departed Heroes

Past Heroes – Deceased or Retired Player Characters

Main Page

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